Today’s UTTERLY Cheapass Guide is very simple, and is for all of you people looking at your Garrison and wondering if you are extracting the most from it in the last week before the Pre-patch. If you have a Trading Post, this is a reminder that not only can you buy stuff to sell on the Auction House, but you can use a lot of this stuff to level Professions before Legion hits.

I’ve spent the last couple of days maxxing First Aid and Cookery on alts: the former’s always useful when you’re out in the world and not a Healing class (or even if you are) and the latter? I had a vested interest in levelling Cookery for everybody :D


This Battle Pet spawns from Cookery use, and so I decided everybody got to buy raw materials when they were cheap and maxxed using foods they’d be able to utilise whilst levelling until this guy finally spawned late last night. A reminder that prices for raw materials change daily, so wait until fish meat are cheapest (4 resources ideally) before doing the shuffle. I should also point out that having made 30k this weekend by selling raw materials in stacks of 200? It isn’t just about using the Resources for self-help either.


The days of logging in to Mission tables like these are sadly numbered, but as these coin rewards will convert to Resources, there is still time to maximise. I for one intend to use all my resources to ensure I have everyone who needs a maxxed profession to have one, to keep churning out Gold right until Launch, and to ensure that my characters are adequately prepared to level.

As the influx of players who are returning to the game come to try and catch up without months of stockpiling Resources? Time to make hay while the sun shines.


PS: If your Server’s awash with other people selling raw materials?

One thought on “LEGION :: The Wall Street Shuffle

  1. It’s been a fun puzzle and mini-game in our garrisons.
    I remember the panic early on in getting Archeology things in the mines and not having that secondary profession on that Alt, I thought that “it must be in the grand design of WoD” and hoofed it to get Arch. on my Alts.


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