This weekend, as you prepare yourself for the Legion pre-Patch, take a moment to look at the ‘shirt’ slot on your character. I’d like to thank  for this tipoff, and the fact that for many people a simple check could make them an unexpected bonus come the arrival of Legion. To understand why, you need to first read this Reddit post on shirts and their significance in relation to your Appearances tag.


In essence, a number of items you could have kept aside or indeed still be wearing will stop being bind free and become BoE, making it easier for the Appearances database to register them. As you can see from my top image that means I have two of the same shirt: only one is needed to transmog with, which means the other can be sold.

Considering the rarity value of some of these items, plus the amount of shirts you’ll need to complete The Fabulous Title? WORTH A LOOK.


This is also a gentle reminder that there’s a lot of places to buy shirts in game, if you don’t want to use the AH or make them yourself. I however will spend the weekend making a metric butt-tonne just to see how many slots I can fill once we get to next week.

Take five minutes this weekend and check your characters. You could be sitting on a POTENTIAL GOLD MINE!

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