Since forever, I’ve played a Holy Priest. Come Wednesday? I’m going Disco.

Now, there will be those of you wondering why I’m not talking about my Hunters at this stage in proceedings, but I can play them all day and night. What I’d like is something different, and the new DPS spec for Discipline Priests looks… well, really interesting. I’ve stayed away from Spoilers (so no idea of what my Artefact is all about) and come reset in the EU, and once I’ve sorted all the Transmog gubbins? Priest is coming out directly after my main for a bit of a play. My Priest began as a Draenei back in TBC, and got a race change sometime during Cataclysm. It is time I pushed the envelope a bit, because once upon a time I was actually a good Healer.


I miss being useful. I don’t like the implication all dps do is damage. I want the chance to be a contributor and frankly at this stage do not give a flying fuck how much abuse I garner in group content. I’d like to do something that involves healing, but is also realistic for levelling. I am hoping that Disco will do the job, and this will be a way of seeing if all this stuff about Class Fantasy and Immersion actually lives up to the hype. What I want is a challenge. I think this will be it. It also means that I’ll be faffing with FOUR CLASSES come Legion launch.

Even I think I’ll be hard pressed to run out of things to do on the content front.


To those of you for whom this is your last content-free day for six weeks? Enjoy yourselves, and remember that whatever happens…? This is only pixels :D

4 thoughts on “The Last Days of Disco

  1. As someone who has played disc and only disc and always disc (except on occasions where friends get me to play shadow, entirely for their own amusement) I cannot like or approve this post enough.


  2. My priest has always been Disc for questing because I could never quite get into Shadow (despite dabbling with it here and there). Questing as Disc in Warlords got very boring, though — so I am hoping that questing as Disc in Legion will be more exciting (and Cymre’s comment above has me quite hopeful on that front).


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