If it’s not done today, it isn’t getting done. That’s it. I’m saying goodbye to Draenor and moving on.


It will always be Christmas in my Garrison because, for a brief period, that was the time I got to be in control. Now all of that will become a distant memory, and I’ll have to exercise control in other ways. Transmog will, undoubtedly, be the saving grace. I will have the opportunity to dress everyone without it gimping my play style. I look forward to seeing what I’m allowed to play with. For now, I reinvented myself, albeit briefly.


Then I flew back to Stormshield. I’ll flip-flop hearthstones from now on, unlikely I’ll do that trip again. Mostly, I don’t want to come back to Draenor for a while anyway. It isn’t that the memories are unpleasant, it is just I need to be somewhere else. It wasn’t nearly as bad as everyone says it was. You’ll look back on this in time and wonder why you complained. Just, not today.


I thought long and hard about returning to Ironforge but, for now, I’m bunking in the Dwarven District of Stormwind. Mostly it is because of the Ethereals, who won’t make the trip that far North. Once my bags are cleared, I’ll ride that way, because I can, just to remind myself of what home really means and why I’m still here, after all these years.


For now, the bags are as clear as they can be until the new storage arrives.


I did well from this Expansion. That’s good gold, but I rarely had anything of note to spend the cash on. The only extravagance was Battle pets, and that’s not been a bad call over the last few months. I’m in a better position financially than at any point in my career. I’ll take that as an achievement.

Now, all I have to do is wait to see what happens next.


Where do we go from here? Who can tell, but whatever happens, I’m ready.

3 thoughts on “It’s Over

  1. “You’ll look back on this in time and wonder why you complained. Just, not today.”
    This :)
    I was quite sad sending off my last gold-making garrison missions. I’ll still do it all in future for other things, but today’s lost were the last “daily” send off. And I was sad. It’s the end of something we’ve all gone through together. I’m overly sappy, but it’s just how I am.

    Happy pre-patch! :)


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