In terms of pre-patches? I think Legion’s probably won the award for ‘Easiest Transition Ever.’ The game was live when I woke up, patched with little or no fuss, and when I logged in? I had the unique opportunity to watch in REAL TIME as my achievements updated around me.

I was right, I’d gotten Fabulous before I’d been able to start bag clearance, and the subsequent removal and clear-up of items has been remarkably simple. I need to go and deep clean everyone’s Void Storage but in the main? Gonna need to take clothies into old dungeons. Not enough cloth gear about, and I’m yet to start sending and sorting the mountain of BoE greens. There were, after all, more important things to do first.


I wanted Bang but it was taken, and because of the way my accounts are set up? This was available on my ‘main’ server and so that’s where the L100 boost went.


She will be Survival, and I’ll get to her just as soon as I’ve finished boggling at the BM changes.

The rotation’s okay. I get what I need to do. My problem is the time I take looking at bars waiting for the CGD. Suddenly it’s like I’ve gone into slow motion, and the little ticker thingy just crawls around the bar. I get this isn’t optimised for this Expansion, understand what has been changed. I’m just waiting to see if this gets any more exciting because right now, I’m just not feeling the enthusiasm. Also, pet switching is fucked so your pet remembers the last spec of the pet you used. This seems to happen every time specs are altered, or maybe that’s just me. Still, I’m doing half the damage of yesterday but people are telling me this is normal, so that’s okay. Plus, I got a 720 and 730 upgrade from Kazzak. Really, what’s not to like about that?


The Transmog interface by the way is superb. I’m really happy but because the gamma setting’s been removed from the graphic interface I won’t be able to do any mogging during daylight hours. No matter. I’ll cope. If I wanted to get stressed about this there would be so many ways to do so, and I’ve watched many do just that in Trade, which I rejoined as it appears SW is now CRZ. Mostly, if you’re complaining on Day One that your game’s broken? LOG OFF. It’s always chaos the first week. That’s why you don’t get the new content now and are given time to adjust.


Please take your DOOM and go elsewhere. Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Sunrise

  1. As someone who left WoW post-garrison, pre-shipyard, I returned to my BMH and had no idea what was going on. This morning I was reading up on it, and it sounds like a lot of folks are coming to grips with the shift in focus from active play to more pet commanding. I had serious issues with it last night — I couldn’t wrap my head around it — but I can see myself getting used to it. I need the pets, tho, since I’ve got no one to play with :’ (


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