There’s a part to the upcoming Expansion that not many people will talk about in the weeks that follow, except to make Guides about before telling you how to maximise your output. Professions are about to get perhaps the biggest burst of love in Legion since the game was conceived, with new levels of attainment and multiple World Quests to accompany your journey whilst levelling. For me, however, this change was always going to hold some important consequences when 7.0.3 dropped.

In the first instance, this has nothing at all with me making money. I have no real desire to corner my market on a server where the AH isn’t exactly rocking to begin with. However, with the changes I’m seeing, and with Stormwind now open to CRZ traffic? There might actually be some mileage in this. However, I’m already getting ahead of myself. What matters most right now is to collect the unique looks from my Crafting profession that don’t yet exist in my Appearances tab. This would have been fairly thankless pre-patch, but now it is considerably easier.


Those five words make all the difference: ‘You haven’t collected this appearance yet.’ It has become a relatively simple task to go through everything I have recipes for and work out what is missing. Of course, it isn’t just a case of crafting everything either: I may have the leather, but that was never the whole story. Many of these looks are duplicated and I already own them. For the rest? A whole new and complete area of the game has opened up for me: using Crafting not only to fill the holes, but to recreate some of the classic looks and items of the past. To that end? There is now a To Do list for Cloaks, which makes for quite interesting reading:


This process also brings back some wonderful memories. There was one guy on my Server in Vanilla who never made anything except Hide of the Wild: it was, at the time, the defacto healing cloak pre-Instanced content, and if you wanted one, he was the go-to. The guy vanished once TBC arrived once he grasped that one pattern didn’t make an existence. He left a sizeable fortune, and a legacy that recalls that once upon a time, crafting stuff really mattered. This is what the Devs are harking back to with the new systems in Legion. I’m already excited those Onyxia scales in the bank will finally get some use. In fact, those cloaks used to be a rite of passage too, back in the day, the only way you survived Blackwing Lair’s final boss.

Then, there’s Whelp scale, and I have absolutely no idea if that, or indeed the Chromatic Scales are still available in game. If they’re not, there’s a lot of people on my Server Cluster suddenly sitting on some lovely nest eggs.


The new interface lists all items up to Pandaria together, so I’ve not yet even thought about the items after that, or indeed anything leather based. That will be harder to do because I have no idea of what is or isn’t learnt, and that may end up being a task of crafting every item regardless. The plan first and foremost is to do everything Pherian can wear and worry about the rest at a later stage. Then there’ll be the process of making guns from the Engineers, and after THAT I think I’ll do the same with the Tailor. It’s a long term undertaking on my limited timescales, but well worth the effort, especially for the memories that are being unearthed.

I hope you’ll joining me on the journey, and I promise to share some unique looks along the way.

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