Yesterday, something magical happened.

I must confess, I’ve stopped reading Wowhead and MMO Champion in the manner which I used to in times past. Sure I have to occasionally go there if there’s news, but apart from that? I am tired of knowing what’s coming in an Expansion before it’s playable. This time around I wanted to test a theory, to see how enjoyable things would be if I didn’t spoil myself for everything. Yesterday, the first fruits of that effort were picked and frankly, they were GLORIOUS. That’s how I ended up in Karazhan, and this is why I’m so pleased I now own a recipe for an Expansion that isn’t even live. This form of foreshadowing knocks spots off being told summat by a mining site. It means I’m the one discovering the secrets and not caring if my Blog post is old news. This has stopped being about getting there first.

This time, we’re enjoying the journey too.


You will recall how I’d been gathering materials for the Mage to make the Weapon Illusion Tomes when they went live, and that it was not clear where the items would drop. Well, now it is apparent that all of these illusions can be found across the entirety of Azeroth: I have a quest from Therazane (CATACLYSM CONTENT :O) to get the Elemental Lords ones, and as I discovered yesterday, three drop from Karazhan. That’s how the Clothes Chest appeared in my inventory, and to say it was a pleasant surprise was the mother of all understatements.


These are, I suppose, just a step up from collecting vanity pets. Some will involve me having to wait for Legion content to go Legacy, but I doubt that’s going to be the end of the world. Mostly it was the genuine surprise of finding stuff out for myself again, and not just deciding ‘oh I’ll just go read what to do.’ The same has happened with the two specs I’ve worked out so far (Mage and BM Hunter) which by and large have been really rather easy to pick up. I grasped today, whilst trying to run back to Ragnaros in MC that Cheetah no longer is permanent, and only exists as an 8 second speed buff. So that’s like Sprint on the Rogue and I’ll probably never use it unless PvP, but the other two buffs I now get (Wild, Turtle) are useful and should be on my action bar:


I wonder if I should be sad that my entire BM Life is now reduced to 12 buttons. Maybe I will be, after I’ve stopped having all this fun cocking around in old instances. Of course, for many people, this is never going to be considered as ‘new’ content, and they’ll continue to kill themselves in Stormwind for an achievement I didn’t even knew existed until yesterday either. Apparently if you gather all the different pamphlets the Doomsayers give out? Feat of Strength. I know for many people this is the equivalent in exciting as going back to Molten Core for the umpty-two millionth time, and so I hope they enjoy dying multiple times to get their reward. Me? I’ve rediscovered the sound effects, and the visual wonder of places evolving before my eyes.


Now, when anything dies, it sparkles more. Much more, perhaps even embarrassingly so, and when bosses kop it the Diablo style ‘look loot here’ sun from the ground shizzle makes it abundantly obvious you gotta loot them. Also, Core Hound Skins have changed. I assume there’s a mount coming at some point as a result.


This is further evidence that not spoiling myself is providing benefits far beyond the wonder of the surprise drop. Having not been sure yesterday about BM, the spec’s coming together nicely, especially as I know it will all change again once the Artefact is dropped into the mix, and that judging the Spec simply on this old content where it is not optimised would not simply be unfair but disrespectful to the guys who made the effort, of which a considerable amount has been poured into this game, even before we get to Legion.

This is great fun, and long may it continue.

3 thoughts on “Everything is Awesome

  1. Good for you! To eschew mining sites, guides, blogs and news sites and go it alone in this huge rambling shambling game is (on one level) kind of daring yet (on the other level) must be how 80% percent of the player base enjoys the game. They just go out and play.


  2. Absolutely, always played that way, always will. You know, back in the day in the 90s, when I did not know what WoW is and had barely any understanding of the thing called internet, all my friends considered guides (you know, paper printed ones) a faux pas. If you read what to do it was like “ooh lame” or “a cheater” even. That’s kinda extreme, but we were kids and all. My cousin even got annoyed that there were unit descriptions in the manuals of Starcraft and other RTSes, “you should discover those yourself in the course of the campaign, that feels best”.

    I avoid most of the beta news, and now I have super fun rediscovering all the specs/classes and figuring out their rotations. By myself. I might not get it 100% optimal, but I know it’ll be around 80% and that’s enough for me, if it means I’ll get more excitement and feeling of achievement out of that.

    I have almost no idea what the pre-patch event has in store, and I can’t wait.


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