I remember the Sunwell.

I never raided this instance at level. I came to the place late, when it was mostly trivialised, yet there is something undeniably elegant inside it’s walls that keeps me coming back. It isn’t just about the Legendary Bow or the patterns either, I just love the linear nature of it. No fucking about with wings or areas, you just go from A-B and at the end, there’s still one of the best boss entrances in Warcraft history. In fact, you’d have to go a long way to better that ‘evil guy appears from ground’ thing. I wish more people appreciated the effort that goes into the production of such masterpieces, and realise I am as much to blame for the trivialising of content when you just dismiss stuff as ‘old’ and ‘done.’

These places never stop living and breathing.


Every time an Expansion patch arrives, stuff alters. A lot of it is never noticed at the time, but other things are so blindingly obvious that you end up trying to recall what existed before and failing. The Core Hound, for instance, now looks like this. It’s lesser-known, lower quality brethren is consigned to the realms of history without a thought. It proves the reality that, piece by piece, Activision Blizzard are in fact updating all of Azeroth. Someone suggested  while back that if Draenor is the equivalent of TBC, and Legion of Wrath, the NEXT expansion will be when the company announces it’s going to upgrade all the zones with new, sparkly graphics. I wonder if that’s the truth? If it is, I’d be beyond excited.


Stuff just looks better generally right now. The graphics changes have made a massive difference to what I see, that is undeniable. I know there are complaints over changes to camera distances that continue to rumble onwards, and I find myself with a certain measure of sympathy to those in disagreement with change, but for me even the scheduled flights have become more beautiful and immersive. I think a lot of this is to do with having spent so long here, and understanding what changes as time moves on. I’d urge you to take a trip into Karazhan if you get a chance, for instance. The place just looks better overall: I dunno if it’s memory failing, better settings or if the game got a poke in places. I really can’t tell.

There’s not many words today, because I have to work before I can play, but as you enter Azeroth, look closer at the world around you. Many things have changed, and nearly all of them are for the better. Enjoy your surroundings. You’ll be amazed how good the look if you take the time.

2 thoughts on “Saturday’s Kids

  1. I think they key thing here is that WoW is a game that is always changing. If I pick up an old NES and pop in Super Mario Bros it will be exactly the same as it always was. This is not the case for WoW, and arguably it never has been.

  2. I poked my head in Kara last night on a whim. Got the clothing chest recipe with showed me I can also get one off of Ragnaros in Molton core, and eventually in the new Dalaran sewers.

    Going to keep looking for things in old, that are exciting for new.

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