This blog post serves as an official voice, such as I possess one, to a debate that I think, in its own way, has become more acrimonious and depressing that the flight one was last year. The change to camera behaviour in Legion is well documented, the anger at many that it is impossible to control distance becoming both vitriolic and often depressingly predictable. It appears, at the crux of the problem, is believing many who say this has become impossible to play because they feel physically sick when this happens. I’m here to confirm that, as it transpires, I’m one of those people.


I can attest to being unable to play Minecraft in first person mode because it causes migraines. I have no idea why this is, but you just have to take my word for it, and this seems to be where most of the issues with Warcraft’s problems are occurring. Just because it doesn’t happen to you makes me neither a liar or a fraud. It’s like trying to explain how a mental illness works to someone who’s never had a bad brain day in their lives: they either accept it, or you’re making it up. At the weekend I discovered that using the Onyxian Drake to fly myself about would make my brain simply beg me to stop, after a while. However, switching to a smaller mount made the issue go away. Considering I’ve never done Hans’gar and Franzok more than a couple of times in the Foundry because of the motion issues there? No, I’m not joking.

However, the problem may not simply be to revert to what was there before, because I sense that the camera resets are more significant than that, that the entire engine has been indelibly changed and there is probably no going back. If that is the case, I’m forced to accept that if I want to play, flying myself has probably become something I won’t do unless there is no other way. On the ground everything is fine, and I’ve proven that is the case. It is just being airborne myself where the issues are occurring. In the ultimate irony, I won’t fly at all this Expansion unless it is on scheduled transport.


For me, it really is no big loss. For others however, belittling their inability to play is neither fair or right, and I am here to apologise unreservedly to anyone who I did this to previously, but now I know what’s at stake here? Yes, this is a big deal. For those who can’t find a way around the problem? I think maybe Blizzard should be looking for a solution, but brow-beating them and hurling abuse is not the answer. I can only hope that by adding a sensible, reasonable voice to the issue and pointing out that as long as I stay on the ground everything is fine? This may yet add additional weight to the argument for change.

In the end, that’s all anybody can really do.

[EDIT 26/07: The following popped up on the US Forums shortly after I posted this Blog. Think of that as you will :: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20747654593?page=5#88]

5 thoughts on “Drowning in Berlin

  1. They seem to have added a screen-shake or similar to the game engine – the screen jumps all over the place when Alysrazor spawns, feels like an order of magnitude worse than it used to be.

    And Al’Akir going into phase 3 had the screen shaking so much I couldn’t look at the screen – glad my DoTs finished Al’Akir off as I couldn’t watch the screen!

    Its almost like certain actions have been amplified over what they had before; feels like they’ve turned the knob to 15 and didn’t really test it :(


    • Al’Akir for me just looks like some FPS game’s spinbot. It’s not even a shake, it just spazzes out completely. It used to be that the platform just disappeared and suddenly you were floating, not the awful spinning crap it does now.


  2. I know that Blizz is concerned about players with motion sickness as I’ve read the feedback forums. It is a big deal (I recommend the flying disc).
    I have some light-weight red/green color blindness and I could not see the new tiny red name plates over the enemy mobs. I spend forever with their sliders for the color blind folk and finally turned the thing off; no choice; ironically, was the best choice.
    How can I play if I can’t see?


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  4. I know a friend who couldn’t play Wildstar, like, at all, because the graphics caused headaches… but it was also tied to the performance of her PC, so it’s important to check if the problem isn’t caused to a degree on your end, with all the technical changes and amped PC requirements, issues related to fps and so on.


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