So, there I am, flying towards Karazhan to go try and farm for the Weapon Glamours, when I notice something on the map that wasn’t there before. Knowing major heavy plot stuff is due to ‘go down’ any time now, I am immediately and naturally curious. So, I investigate, and discover that the Kirin Tor has been doing ‘things’ in this area of extreme magical uncertainty:


A LOT has changed in Karazhan since the last time I explored the zone. There are still Ogres and Sky Shadows, of course, and the fish in the river remain unchanged, but there’s a lot more magic flying about: neutral ghosts, the Arcane anomalies that I found and killed plus… a camp that has lain deserted for at least a decade is no longer desolate. I used to come here when farming the birds was a very profitable affair. It was one of my favourite ‘hidden’ places in the game and now?

It has a story.


This is Ariden’s Camp. That’s all I’m going to tell you about it, so if you wish to spoil yourself you can. Four items (thank you responders!) in this picture are now interactable with, and have dialogs that accompany them. What made me positively squeal with joy on coming back here is that someone took this place and gave it a story. A tiny piece of the Old World, possibly the oldest part of it, and there is life breathed back into the space, and that warms my heart in a way I didn’t think was possible with this game, after all these years.


This is the legacy that Legion promised: to not just stick us in a sterile new land and there be no reason to go out and explore the Old Worlds any more. It is the promise of things being hidden in plain sight and players having to go find it for themselves. It is also the possibility now that ANYWHERE in all the Expansions is a potential hiding place for new and exciting content, if you take the chance to look. This makes me unreasonably excited: quite apart for the potential this unlocks, it shows me the people making this game finally got the memo about the Old World being as much a part of the game as the Broken Isles will become. It took a while, but we got there in the end.


Most of all…? Maps have been redrawn. Anywhere with an altered cartography, one assumes, could have treasures hidden within it. That means that if you pay attention, maybe you’ll find something that surprises you.

You never know what might be coming.


3 thoughts on “The Test

  1. There are actually four items in that picture that can be interacted with.
    This addition is likely related to the artifact quests as Ariden’s identity is revealed in one of them. This makes me wonder how many more things like this have been added and whether there are any that don’t have links to any new content.


  2. How fun! I was lucky enough to find four items to interact with; box, boots, compass and blanket. It was something I’d not seen before. I’d not seen that Kirin Tor camp either with those level 100 mobs to surprise me!
    It gives me hope that the designers will be sending us into Azeroth much much more, I sure hope so.


  3. Just watched the Kadgar animated story about his return to this location. Was very good. Its building up to quite a head – if Legion is not Blizzard at its best there’s gonna be big trouble. I for one am getting twitchy with antici



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