For starters, we were able to identify some potential issues with how flying mounts are behaving differently in patch 7.0.3 compared to 6.2.4 that we believe will help some players. Once this hotfix is live, flying mounts will no longer bank/lean to the sides when rotating in place, and the extent to which they lean when turning while in motion will be lowered back to how it was in patch 6.2.4. Additionally, we’re fixing an issue that was causing the camera to “pop” when landing or taking off on a flying mount.


I’m quite good at hopping on the back of a bandwagon, when all is said and done. The motion sickness issues having been problematic for a while, but help is finally at hand with this Blue Post stating that issues with flying mounts and vehicle transport have been identified as being the sauce of people’s nausea, are being addressed, and are going to test on the PTR at the weekend with a view to having them live as early as Monday.


Now, there will be those of you still sitting and saying ‘well, if Activision Blizzard just went back to what they had in 6.2.4 then all this would just go away.’ First of all, I will be giving you a disapproving look over the top of my glasses, then reminding that progress isn’t just instigated to piss a certain subset of the player base off. I sense, having read a number of blue posts on the subject that the camera changes were probably a part of a far larger set of upgrades to a graphics engine that was, by the designers own admission, beginning to show its age. Undoubtedly if none of the people who were updating this thing had any issues with motion sickness, they’ll think that what’s been presented is pretty cool. It is only with testing that the issues present themselves and there has to be a rethink.


Ultimately the progression has to be forward. There are those who’ll say that Activision Blizzard never reverts a change and I’ll say ‘shut up and look at flying you donkeys’ then we can all mutter to ourselves and move on. Suffice it to say, this is fairly major, its been addressed in a pretty timely matter and for those who were unhappy you can’t get your max camera distance back? Them’s the breaks, kid. If you complained the game was making you sick and it was unplayable? That’s looking as if it is sorted. If you still maintain you needed max distance in order to play a certain way? Time to move on.

The fact that the Action Cam ability’s being removed, and that this is probably a fairly key component in the Facebook functionality that got a lot of people excited a while back? Neither here nor there, but what it does prove that the issues that people are reporting do exist, are real, and most importantly are being addressed. It is no longer about not believing reports or deciding that just because you don’t see a problem that one clearly doesn’t exist.

I for one welcome our Update Overlords.

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