Your class is not broken.


It’s been two weeks since the pre-Expansion patch deployed, and there’s a persistent muttering that even I can’t ignore. I’m looking at a group of people who’ve decided that their class has been completely destroyed in the recent changes. They’re already mounting Twitter campaigns, employing hashtags and filling the Forums with angry and indignant posts full of abuse towards the Devs: I can’t do this in PvP any more. I have no focus. You broke my class you bastards and I hate you, so what are you going to do about it?

Okay, so stop right there.


This is not the way this works. Every single Expansion, without fail, people get angry because of change. However, there is a significant difference between this expansion and others, and that relies on a set of figures everybody currently playing Live cannot see. Your class is optimised to use a weapon which, as yet, you do not possess. When Legion launches, and you get your artefact, an awful lot will change. If, when that happens, you still have a legitimate beef over how your spec plays? Then you can organise your hashtag campaigns and video blog to your heart’s content, but as of right now you’re only playing with half a deck of cards and it all looks a bit stupid, when all is said and done. It’s like the people complaining you can’t do Max distance in the UI. Now enough time has elapsed, someone’s released an addon that breaks the UI for you. If it matters enough? People find a way.


There you go. Knock yourselves out, those who told me this change was the equivalent of ActiBlizz releasing Overwatch with only 80% of full 360 degree motion. Eventually, everything changes… well, almost. The simplification of your class is an attempt to get more new players to pick up what remains one of the most visually complex MMO’s ever, and was, like it or not, inevitable. You are clearly mortified at the loss of your utility, that now you cannot do half the shit you never did previously but suddenly miss with a passion sufficient to allow you to rage with the heat of a thousand suns. Change, as is abundantly apparent every damn time we change location and increase the level cap, is not pretty for many. To those who think the answer is making so much noise that everybody else stops listening?

There are better ways.


Hunters are not broken. They’re now distinct and separate. Yeah, it’s sad I can’t trap stuff any more as BM, but let’s be honest, unless you’re playing 24/7 with a Guild, the chances of being asked to do so was negligible anyway. The three specs are different, entertaining and offer you a one in three chance of finding summat you’ll enjoy playing. If you don’t get the vibe, go pick another class, maybe? If the game and the people matter enough, adapt and survive. The slow demise of some people who obviously never thought about playing anything else is inevitable, but it is hardly a reason to verbally destroy a developer or threaten them with death, now is it? Just because social media allows you to do this?

If threatening strangers is your response to change, you are the problem.


If, a month after Legion launches, you are still dissatisfied with your class, you can do what millions of people did when Warlords was released, and leave. Then Activision Blizzard will get the message that, yet again, they screwed it up. But hang on, you still want to stay here, play and get your class fixed? Time for targeted forum posts without bile and anger. Write a long form e-mail to Irvine directly. Start a podcast or a blog, or if all else fails you could just decide to leave in a blaze of publicity-fuelled glory just as many major Warcraft names of the past have. You know, those ‘guys’ with in-game items named after them, because for a brief and self-serving moment they cared about the game more than their own needs until, when it stopped being beneficial for that reason, they moved on.

This is only pixels, people. If it matters enough, if you really want to stay?

You’ll find a way.

7 thoughts on “Stop

  1. Change is awesome! I look at it this way: we’ve been given 11 new classes to play, with the only drawback of not being able to play the old ones (that I was mostly already bored with anyway). 11 new classes, how can anybody complain about that? Rediscovering all of my characters was super fun for me, especially those that changed completely, like my enha shammy, survival hunter, outlaw rogue….


  2. This attitude of ‘the uninformed multitudes’ also drives me round the twist. How hard is it, to understand, “oh of course my class feels off, because I’m not at max level, don’t have my artefact, and don’t have any Legion gear yet.” It smacks of that whole ‘entitlement’ thing that the younger generation seem to be infected with (only some of them mind you). I too, was hesitant of the MM changes to hunter, but I can see how it will work beautifully sync’d in Legion. As so many pandaren women used to say in MoP. Paaaaaaatience.


    • Problem is that there’s lots of people that were testing, giving feedback with full artifacts that said “eh, this doesn’t quite work well, because X reasoning, this is how you can resolve this issue.”

      And it was met with silence. Sometimes, that feedback was met with ridicule. (Brewmasters, DKs and Ret Pallies)

      BM, I know for starters, basically went throughout the whole of Alpha/Beta receiving one or two minor quality of life changes (a Pet Skin, Dire Frenzy and fixing the Hati AI issues which they would have done to begin with) for their Spec. The rest was railroaded through, without any regards for feedback that (yes, loudly) sang tunes of “this isn’t quite right.”

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  3. “Good at max level” is not an exhaustive criterion for game quality. That’s the most understandable reason I’ve heard in favour of classes being broken. It’s hard to believe that all of a sudden people who’ve raidet for two years or who’ve done rated pvp started to check skill availability or dungeon difficulty at low levels in general (not jsut the new low level 100). But in response to those there’s nothing more to say than that they’re full of shit anyway. Bending facts for their own purpose will never make them interesting/good/available/possible partners for discussion.

    For me the artefact-part is comparable to mastery not being available prior to level 80, 81, 85 or whenever that is although it’s clearly part of that class’ core mechanic which IMO happened to arcane mages prior to 7.0. If there’s a core fantasy to your spec, it should be available at any level. For arcane mages it was mana dependency which would’ve required mastery being available way sooner in playing the class and mana reg actually being an issue.

    I just wanted to make that point about valid reasoning and player intentions which could be at odds. In the end, I see many people not being aware of this difference in the first place and that seems to be a cause for many problems going from roundabout rejections of science to polarisation in debates. You can accept reasoning as vaild although you don’t like what they’re in favour of and you must, if you don’t want a world in which conflicts primarily get resolved by violence /torture/death of opponents).

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  4. “now you cannot do half the shit you never did previously but suddenly miss with a passion sufficient to allow you to rage with the heat of a thousand suns”

    I just wanted this repeated, because I love this particular line…

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  5. Nice rant.
    I’ve not seen the outrage that you describe, I’m not sure why. I think that in the past, when we got the pre-expansion patch that we got such a boost in power that we laughed at what we once struggled with! We joined mythic raiding groups with a shrug as we were so over-powered. This did not happen this time! We face content that we mastered and are over-geared for and see that we are dominated by the mobs — and that: is frustrating.


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