There are whispers and rumours currently that won’t go away. People keep tipping me off, using Blizzard’s new Legion video of ‘game features’ as evidence, and a recent interview with PCGamesN only serving to confirm the truth, that you won’t be playing The Broken Shore ‘event’ before Legion launches. Despite Blizzard stating, in front of an audience at Gamescon last year that this would be the lead in, it won’t happen unless you buy the Expansion. Which, believe it or not, is absolutely fine.

You and I need to have a little talk about realistic expectation going forward.


The Broken Shore is an intractable part of Legion’s ‘lore’: it isn’t going away, is clearly included as part of the package. We’re not talking about disappearing islands or vanishing tier, as was the case with Warlords, it still appears as part of the experience. It does however look, to all intent and purpose, as if Activision Blizzard decided this was a better hook into people playing the Expansion as part of that data and NOT packaged in the pre-Expansion invasions. This is what is called a marketing decision. People poking me and asking for my indignation because someone changed their mind between August last year and now can be somebody else’s tinfoil hat drama, and not mine.

I’m going on holiday on the 9th and therefore I’m gonna miss a lot of the early Invasion stuff regardless. It can’t be helped. These things happen. Crying over them doesn’t do anything other than reduce your potential enjoyment and if that’s what matters most of all? Why make the fuss to begin with?

Oh yeah, this is the Internet.


If you’re one of those people who is sending me shit over what you say is a terrible and unacceptable change on Activision Blizzard’s part? Please stop. Marketing decisions are not news. Nothing has been lost, everything is still included in your Legion experience. Deciding this is another reason to attack the game is just sad, bad and frankly depressing. It’s like the day when you finally can log in and play unimpeded and some dick-splat decides to DDoS Battle.Net because everybody loves a good bit of Internet anarchy, right? Maybe you people need to spend less time attacking the stuff you think is wrong and start doing something worthwhile with your time. #Justsaying.

If you’ll excuse me, I have far better things to do that entertain such stupidity.

8 thoughts on “Not Fade Away

  1. Yeah, being upset about that feels a little bit like being upset that you didn’t get to play the Tanaan Jungle starting area before WoD went live. (When now I’m just complaining about playing it at all)


  2. I may be in the minority, but I’m actually really happy about this decision. Playing the pre-expansion quests for Warlords then having to sit around and wait to get into the real invasion felt like a bit of a letdown when I wanted to get straight into the storyline.

    Besides, I have been obsessing over the Broken Shore scenario, despite having carefully avoided any details about it from beta. I’ve committed several thousand words of unpublished fanfiction on what I think it will be like, heck, I’ve probably dreamed about it. If I get to play through it as the start to the expansion, rather than something I whizz through before going back to bumming around Orgrimmar for a month, I’ll be much happier.


  3. in the follow up expansion to legion, we learn that the Burning Legion is in fact an Azeroth internet user group and Medivh started out as an innocent Twitch user before being corrupted by the trolling of the Wrynn family who’s reality show polarised opinions with many deciding that they’d been mis-sold their royal family.


  4. I think this is a horrible marketing decision. I dislike pre-ordering because it is an attempt to get you to buy a product sight-unseen. I accept the reasoning and demand. I am fine with pre-order incentives like head-starts, skins, cosmetics, discounts or free DLC. I am happy to wait and pay more later. What I am not happy with is content that is exclusively available to pre-order. Isn’t content the reason I’m buying this game?


    • If you want to play the day the game comes out pre-ordering is inevitable. Or – given that this content is only coming out days before the main expansion, it is very easy to look at it and say the Broken Shore scenario is the game coming out. Its easy to argue that non of the pre-expansion activities – invasions and so on, should be available to anyone who hasn’t paid for them yet.

      This is such a non-issue. Perhaps its a ‘toxic player test’ – if you complain about this decision then you are probably not the type of person the community needs any more.

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      • Pre-orders exclusives are bad practise in general because they encourage people to pay for a game that has not been independently reviewed or tested. For WoW that is mitigated because we know exactly what it will be like but this is still a sales process i cannot support.
        I do not agree that it is a non-issue for day one players. Physical and CE pre-orders will be ready for day one, have paid for the game and are being punished for not using Blizzard’s digital distribution system.


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