As you can see, six hours ago at time of writing, Activision Blizzard released a statement that explains the UI will receive a partial revert of the max camera distance ‘hard cap.’ Having read this initially not on the company’s own website but via a third party, the first comment in response to this was pretty much to the effect of ‘well, we told you so.’

That’s quite enough of that, entitled player base.

The ultimate irony is that millions of players won’t have noticed there was a problem, just like when flying was removed, reverted and re-introduced. They’ll have no idea of what transpired, and most will not care. Being one of those people who are still being affected by motion sickness, this is not about me not understanding the issue, or failing to be empathetic or sympathetic for those affected. This is me now having lost my fucking patience over how people decide to approach their issues with a game, and how they treat the people who make it. I’m ashamed and saddened, yet again, by a small subset of players who think they are somehow not only better than the people who’s job this is to do, but they have somehow become overlords or arbiters of what should happen on Azeroth.

Who the fuck do you people think you are, exactly?


The real heroes here are the people who made this change happen by politeness, calm and care. They took the opportunity to write well-worded and clear discourses on why the game did not work correctly for them any more. They didn’t do this on Twitter or with a cheap one-liner on Reddit or the forums. They certainly didn’t take to abuse or anger in private forums to other people as a result of their displeasure. They didn’t make other people suffer and they sure as fuck didn’t publicly cancel their subscription on Facebook. None of you self-serving wankers had a single hand in this change, so please do not start thinking that suddenly overnight you’ve become some kind of model player. The only reason this changed, as was the case with flying before, and indeed any UI alteration that was made and then revered, even partially, is because Blizzard made the call.

I’m really angry this morning. Not at this reversion, or the decent, good people who made it happen. I just think it is high time that those of you who think you own the right to not only tell others what to do but attack them if they don’t could be removed from my game. I don’t need you here, you contribute nothing of value, and the only use you retain, in most cases, is the fact money is handed over for a sub. It’s like trying to get Twitter to ban repetitively abusive and vindictive trolls, but unless you are Kim Kardashian nobody gives a fuck because these people make the company cash. I can continue to personally block you from social media but when I watch ‘professionals’ who think its perfectly acceptable to bad-mouth the company, as if it’s become some ‘right-on’ badge of honour?


This is unacceptable behaviour from a bunch of people who should really know better. If I find you gloating in my social media timelines? Expect a removal. Nobody likes a smart arse, especially after the fact. I hope this brings relief to those of us still suffering from the issues. More importantly, I wish some people would just shut the fuck up when they think Blizzard have screwed up.

Yup, done now.


3 thoughts on “The End

  1. This is why I had to step away from twitter today. The number of people with the attitude you’ve described here was disgusting. But not only that, it was also the attitude of “this isn’t good enough” for something they haven’t even fucking tried to use yet.

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  2. It seems to exceed some people’s mental capabilities to imagine that there might be more to the picture than they know and someone might actually know more than them and have more experience. It’s called arrogance. Everyone’s an expert on everything these days.


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