Last night I managed a good couple of hours play time, which was sorely needed after a long and fraught week. What became abundantly apparent, especially whilst idling in Stormwind, is that there’s a lot of people who, despite still playing the game, seem to be struggling with their notion of enjoyment. Trade and General are, of course, the perfect places to express this displeasure, and as people did there were the inevitable discussions around it, especially in this household. My husband has returned to Paladin tanking, is concerned about the graphics quality on his Mac (which I am sure I can help to fix) and laments the loss of ‘old’ theorycrafting sites in his attempt to relearn his class. He also feels a bit squishy, but as I explained to him last night, these are early days.

If only appeasing the rest of the player base was this simple.


I’m beginning to understand how it works for some of you people: when I see a certain player say ‘this spec isn’t fun’ what that actually means is that it doesn’t do enough dps even without the fact you’re not using the correct weapon. When someone else utters ‘oh this has been broken’ that inevitably now implies you can’t make any money with it, and therefore it is not worth wasting your time on. This also counts for any future content where the only reliable barometer of intent is third party data mining sites or streamers who are already telling you how you’ll be playing for the next year, quite apart from omitting the fact that everyone learns at a different speed. If I listened solely to this advice and based all my actions on other people I know full well I’d have stopped playing a very long time ago.

I’ve also grasped that it’s probably time to clear out my Battle.net friends list as well. If you poke me out of the blue and then proceed to ask for help somewhere without adding a ‘hello’ or ‘how are you’ first? I feel your interest in me isn’t anything but as an assistance to get what you need to do done. I’m certainly not feeling the love from a section of players, and when I know there are others elsewhere who will be more understanding and pleasant?  It’s probably a better plan going to play with them and not with you. This boils down to a simple truth: I try conversation and your only concern is yourself? Time for a reassessment. This six weeks has never been about how much individuals can be critical about change, it has always been provided as a means to adapt and prepare. If that’s not something you are prepared to do?


I’m hoping for another evening of organisation tonight. I only have limited time before I go away. It’s the moment where I just get the job done, quietly and efficiently, and if there’s complaint I suspect I’ll be opting out of general channels. If I mark myself as busy in Battle.net, there’s a reason and I’d appreciate that you respect it.

Mostly, there is no longer time for negativity in my Azerothian life.

2 thoughts on “The Real You

  1. Hear Hear! (or is it Here Here?!) It’s actually remarkable the number of people who play this game, who whinge about it, and their whinge is based on what someone else tells them. Someone tells them their class is no longer working right – well that must be right then, it should be ditched immediately!!

    I still regularly see people in guild ask either generally or me, “what is the best class to play”, or what do I want them to play as guild/raid leader.

    Every time I tell them “what you enjoy playing”. I don’t know what people enjoy most .. I went through a phase of really enjoying fire mage – not because it was good, or it was top of the charts, but because I enjoyed a particular spell that ticked down and then blew mobs up in a massive ball of flame. Because it was pretty. :p

    When raiders ask me what they should play – I tell them what they enjoy because if you’re enjoying it, you’re going to stick around for longer and make more of an effort to do it well. It doesn’t matter what others say about what is or is not “working” – if you don’t enjoy playing something, you’re not going to do it as well as those who do, generally.

    What people are actually saying, when they say things are broken, is that it’s different. And they don’t want to bother changing. Tough. WoW has always been a game that moves forward – it’s part of the fun that your characters change and evolve over time. Yes sometimes it takes a while to understand the changes (especially when you have a silly number of alts), but Blizzard are the people in the know – they know what it coming in the future and they know how things should be tuned. They may not necessarily get it right all of the time, but they know more than the vast majority of the playerbase.

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