Okay, I promise I won’t go on about this any more after this Blog Post, but two-mount days are as rare as hen’s teeth around these parts and I feel this is worth celebrating. Also, Sunday morning is a great time to invite 39 people to your Garrison:


I decided to give this an hour before lunch. I am SO VERY GLAD I did :D

That’s one epic turtle and one Strider mount off the To Do list. I’d also like to thank @Nezhira on Twitter for the following reminder:

This in turn reminds me I gotta collect the Noble Clothing shizzle and it is time to start collecting Darkmoon Faire tokens :D


When I get back from Holiday? Time for a new Bucket List. There was one other thing I wanted to get done before I went away too, and last night I managed to complete it:


This weekend has been very good indeed, and long may it continue.

3 thoughts on “Happy Days

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