By now, many of you know what the empty space in Stormwind was for that appeared a few weeks ago. However, yesterday I watched an awful lot of people get very angry indeed over how that information was communicated to them. It’s never been easy to cope with change, as we have mentioned at many points here in the past. However, that becomes even more difficult to accept when someone shoves information in your face without a warning. I have no idea who was responsible for the social media drama yesterday, that’s the overriding advantage of being in an aeroplane, the overriding advantage of having to disconnect from social media once in a while. I watched a few people do that yesterday too. I can’t blame them.

From this point onwards, an awful lot of stuff is gonna change forever.


Most significant of all is that Draenor is finally history, truly the past you’ll only now visit in passing. I know that a lot of players will be beyond happy over this, but before you consign this Expansion to the dumpster of failed ideas?  I’ve speculated in the paid gig that without Warlords, we’d have never gotten Legion at all. I’m still of this opinion, and as forgot to pack my Authenticator (DOOFUS) there’ll be plenty of time to ruminate and consider on the last Expansion’s impact. I hope you’ll allow me the opportunity to poke the ashes of the old and not fixate on the new until I can see it first hand.

For those of you enjoying yourself over the next few days? Could I ask you at least to be considerate of others and not just look at getting views for your website or followers on your feeds? It is probably better, in the long run, to take the path more thoughtful. You keep far more friends that way, after all, and without them you won’t be playing Warcraft to begin with.



One thought on “Ashes

  1. Indeed, mistakes are necessary steps on the road to improvement. That goes just as well for big companies as for personal self-development – no exception here. Though it might be hard to fathom, for those who believe in knowing everything in advance.


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