I was thinking about publishing this tomorrow but actually, considering how long I’ve made the Contest recipient wait? That seems really rather unfair. I’d like to do more of these poems for people but until I can get together a decent schedule that allows me to do all the parts of the process together, it is not that practical. For now, I owe @RowettSS an audio reading as well as my previous recipient, and until that’s done I’ll not do any more.

However, for now? The custom art for this piece is on my hard drive at home, but I can at least provide the words and stick the proper header on afterwards. Let’s get to it, shall we?


Quiet precision moves, his quarry marked;
The lone wolf prowling, every movement planned.
Without a need for aid, in silence wreathed,
Across the sanctity of conquered land.

Beside him cub is quiet, her loving gaze:
The pair inseparable, now bound in might.
This time to strike prepared for; as they wait
For final word then pounce, to start their fight.

Around them stand the Druids, ready checked:
Elune has blessed with honour, faith unbound.
To cleanse the Thunder Island of its taint,
Returning peace and calm to sacred ground.

To be alone amongst the love of all,
Is truly calm within the raging storm.
Quiet comfort wrapped inside a battle forged;
Acceptance of iron will within the norm.

A shout, the standard’s dropped: this given word.
Staunch raiding party rushing to engage.
Another evil soon will be dispatched,
Pandaran backdrop to this bloody stage.

Together they will use their strength and calm
Eradicating death and soothing harm.
The lone wolf stands within the heart of all,
No contradiction, always standing tall.


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