Apologies for absence across the last few days, but holiday’s pull has been quite seductive, even though I realise that I’m missing out on prime alt leveling time via the Invasions. In fact yesterday, as I stood in a queue for ascending the Empire State, there was an argument raging out across Social Media on Blizzard’s decision to cut XP for these events, which (it appears) was hotfixed back… Or was it that it never changed to begin with and everyone just complained anyway? It is hard to tell from a distance, exactly what is the truth and what was misplaced indignation. Part of me can’t even be fussed to check, and I wish this kind of flashpoint could be something we just dispense with when Legion is released.

Could we stop complaining and just enjoy what we have?


If I understand all this, a lot of people were sitting on flying mounts at Invasion events and effectively leveling whilst AFK. Let us put aside what individuals might consider as ‘fun’ and remind everybody that leveling like this might seem to you a lot like the ease one can push to max using Recruit a Friend, but it isn’t really the point of the game. As a result, it should come as no surprise this disparity was both targeted and addressed. Even though I’ve not done a single Invasion it is obvious this wouldn’t be fair. Activision Blizzard have figures on how people will be ‘interacting’ and undoubtedly this response will be after consideration of that data. Yet still, the indignation happens. It’s actually becoming quite depressing, as I have mentioned now on far too many occasions.

It is time this knee jerk response to change was stopped.


It’s not hard. You just don’t post. You don’t make an indignant response video. You stop complaining in public. In shock news, if Activision Blizzard decide they have made a mistake, your high pitched whining wasn’t what caused the about face, however much you’d like to claim credit. If I can leave one thing  behind in Warlords? Could it be this response to change, please?  Let’s leave the entitled crap in Draenor, and move on to the Broken Isles with determined optimism. I mean, how hard is it to accept that change is inevitable, and sometimes only temporary?

Carry on.

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