I rolled off a plane at 9.30am yesterday morning, and like a good Warcraft Fangirl as soon as I’d gotten home, slept a bit and bought dinner, I went and immersed myself in the New Content (TM) that launched when I left the UK 10 days ago. The first lesson I learnt was a salutatory one: arriving at Launch for anything can be fraught. Aware of all the changes and hotfixes plus XP faffing that has transpired since this all kicked off, it is satisfying to know I can take a 91 from the stable, shove her into the Invasions and end up over three levels to the good after about two hours. It might negate the L100 boost (and the price to do so) but at this stage in proceedings? The cash is irrelevant. Activision Blizzard already have me, I’m paying for the Expansion. For everything else?


Someone suggested that after 20 Invasions, things begin to get boring. I would beg to differ: this is the most fun I’ve had in game for about 18 months. It is certainly an improvement on the ‘static island of levelling’ idea because it utilises the existing world. It combines recognisable elements of Old World gameplay, for starters. However, the undoubted masterstroke is that as a low level alt, my mobs scale to me whilst remaining max level for a 100.


It was the change that some have petitioned for since The Burning Crusade, if truth be told. To implement it now worldwide might cause some issues, but to be able to go back as a 100 and have Outland be a challenge would be superb beyond words. Most however I suspect would prefer the situation of overpoweredness, if only to make gold and not stress about having to make an effort. This would probably solve the excess gold in the Economy issue at a stroke too, but I’m getting ahead of myself in terms of thinking through consequence. It is now nothing to to with the stress of content as to whether I level everyone to 100 before the 30th. It has become whether I can find the time, and that’s an interesting quandary to have to address.


Then, I have to address plot developments, and on reflection last night there’s going to be a whole separate Blog post to be done on the story line developments going forward. For now, having gone to see Khadgar in Kharazhan? I’m just happy we’ll be using existing instances for story development going forward. It should also be noted that it jars a little with these ‘stories’ being only told in text format, when we’re seeing the introduction of audio questing in Legion. It would be nice to have Brann and Magni’s voices here too, or listen to Jaina having a girly strop rather than simply reading it, but voice acting takes time. Perhaps this should be a consideration going forward, yet it hardly detracts from the progression.


All in all, from where I stand, there is very little to find fault in with the Invasions setup. Having the conceit of an army you cannot kill and which simply regenerates means you don’t mind killing the same named demons over and over again, that’s how the Legion works. Naming those demons at the Broken Shore is also a clever touch, and including notable baddies from times past simply reinforces the belief that we’re dealing with a massive, unstoppable army of DOOM that just keeps on coming. The only solution is more cowbell is just to keep on biffing them until they stop coming, which presumably will be how this all ends. Or maybe not. The future, at least right now, is deliciously uncertain, and not simply in terms of faction direction going forward.


I’ve been playing with specs a bit, with my Hunter hat on, and it is currently very much apparent that Marks is doing stupidly big numbers, even with substandard gear. Beast Mastery remains unsatisfactory, and as I realise that to be viable in groups I’ll need to make a choice over which Artefact gets levelled first? I can see myself leaning towards a pet-free spec for the initial level. This has, of course, got nothing to do with ‘class fantasy’ and everything to do with not wanting to die whilst I level, and I think that perhaps there is work that needs to be done on this front going forward. For now, I’m gonna get my Gnome Hunter suitably Survival specced this week and see where things are. Suddenly, having multiples of the same class for testing purposes has become quite useful.


Those who have previously complained of nothing to do won’t have long to wait now, it is coming up for less than a week before Legion launches, after all. This is the moment to pick up your game, focus on getting people organised, and perhaps putting Bucket Lists to one side (though having said that, I do have a list for next week) With only the minimum amount of effort for Pherian last night, I put on NINE iLevels. If you want to be prepared for the oncoming onslaught? You could do a lot worse than spend the next nine days beating the crap out of Demons.

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