Yup, it’s less than a week until Legion, and last night my plans for the Expansion kind of fell apart. I was tired, it was emotional and I was playing with Transmog, when I realised how much that matters to me now ahead of other stuff (including, rather amazingly, raid content at level.) I need a Plate wearer at 110 so I can collect stuff in Dungeons and then make outfits. I’d like the Fishing artefact as a matter of priority on Pherian, and suddenly the exploration matters far more than being in a team of people doing raids that no longer engage, because if I want competitive I’ll just go do some new BG’s and can earn tangible rewards for progress. I did all that, and I don’t want to go back, because my time is being used elsewhere. That means, rather amazingly, I am considering levelling a Holy Paladin for Battlegrounds.


Then, there is the Mage and my Disco Priest, who are both huge fun to play, and as I cannot separate them in terms of utility (both Enchanters) probably means they’ll both now get dragged through the process. However, Pherian will always come first, and so the priority for the last week will be to make sure I get what is needed from what are now 24/7 Invasion events. In essence, I want to collect the full set of Leather/Plate gear: I could do this by buying the Cosmetic ‘trunk’ of appearances, but I’d be far better served in gearing the Pally and my Rogue (which means, in turn, having a rotation and spec for them both.) Add the Warlock to that mix for Jewelcrafting skills, and I have a way forward until next week:

  • Create specs for Rogue, Paladin, Warlock (plus Survival Hunter, see below.)
  • Run all four through Invasions until they have all the gear pieces/are geared.
  • Use spare shards to buy missing items.
  • MOTHBALL EVERYBODY except Pherian.

I’ve learnt the lesson in early levelling that trying to do more than one character becomes immensely confusing. Most importantly, I want Pher to own the Underlight Angler ASAP, the Fishing Artefact I will write about extensively as I work towards it. Fortunately for me there’s a Guide on how to obtain it. This is produced by a friend’s Guildmate who has clearly put an awful lot of time and effort into the process, and if you want to spoil yourself for content, you could do a lot worse than give it a read. Kudos to him for producing it, and good luck to everyone going for the prestige of owning it.


There will be, I have finally decided, three separate Hunters with an Artefact each rather than me trying to get all three on a single character. That at least gives me rein to try all the specs and flavours and a range of characters to do so on. Kumiho (in the featured image) will be Marks and remain a dual gatherer: my new Gnome Hunter Spat will become the Survivalist and Pher will remain LW/Skinning and Beast Mastery. That way I can keep all three separate and distinct in my head, as has always been the case. I’m pretty sure that’s not how ActiBlizz hopes I’ll do this Expansion as a Hunter, but the notion of dual/tri specs with a weapon for each is just too much to cope with when I’ve always associated the way a character looks with the style they play. I don’t have either time or inclination to do anything other than just one thing at a time any more either. You can call me inflexible, that’s absolutely fine, but I have better things outside Azeroth to distract me than I ever did in the past, including other games that need to be played. That means that finally I will completely embrace the casual playstyle, and stop worrying about what fun I’m obviously missing not doing things other people’s ways.

This also means I intend to spend some playtime every week on a US server or two, plus with a Horde friend on an EU server too. If I can this weekend, I’ll be boosting a Troll Hunter to 100 with what’s left of my vacation cash and seeing what US Invasions are like. Then there’s my EU Horde character… but I’m getting ahead of myself. The main plan is here. I’m no longer worrying about progression or competition. I’ve embraced the Casual lifestyle, and now it is time to start making good on my promises. With only a week to go, there’s suddenly an awful lot left still to do…

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