It is the last weekend before an Expansion. Suddenly it becomes perfectly acceptable to stay up all night and game, as long as you have healthy snacks and catfood. Some people already have their route planned out to 110, others don’t have a clue. Undoubtedly many players will change their minds a couple more times over which character gets levelled first, because that’s been happening all week. I could have a whole other post of mean-spirited lecturing like I did yesterday, but as I’m a great lover of variety here at Alternative Towers (I even named a Guild after myself, how altruistic is that?) let’s go the other way. Here’s 10 Things You Could Do before Legion Releases, just in case you’ve not yet given any thought to the next four days of your life…

ONE : Panic.


On second thoughts, we can do much better than that.

TWO : Sell Everything.


As so many people will be stuck at number one, you have a chance to cash in. This is the weekend to sell everything that isn’t nailed down to some disorganised schmuck who’ll be desperately trying to sort out Professions after having levelled in Invasions, or buying Battle Pets because they realised that getting a L25 Army in 4 days isn’t practical. For this and all points in between? THERE’S THE AUCTION HOUSE. Go there NOW.

THREE : Organise your Bags.


Really, you won’t want all that Draenor junk in your possession once you ship out to the Broken Isles. Saving time now in throwing away your vendor crap will give you valuable time on Tuesday, and will also be an indicator of what you have left to do once you come back and Warlords is part of the Bucket List. Remember you don’t need to keep armour now for Transmog if it’s Soulbound, that can be DE-d or go straight to a vendor. Oh, and CHECK YOUR VOID STORAGE TOO.

FOUR : Practice your Rotation.


Unless you’re a genius World First Raider [*], practice is something that we could all do with, so maybe shipping back to your Garrison to throw some pixels at a Target Dummy or maybe hauling yo ass to a capital is in order. If you feel confident enough, there’s still organised raiding and dungeons and all that jazz to go throw yourself into, should the mood arise. After all, Azeroth’s been in 6.2.whatever now for over a year.

[*] In shock news, they practice more than you do.

FIVE : Finish your Questing.


If you put a spurt on you might yet finish all those gnarly quest chains you put off before you ground flying, or just got bored. If all else fails you could knock off the tabard collecting or the reputation grinds on a  few of the easier factions from Expansions past. You know I keep telling you there’s tons to do in game if you would just go and look for it? This would be one of those moments.

SIX : Find a Guild.


Having friends is lovely. Finding new ones can be painful and difficult, especially when at least 19 others are needed to make a Mythic team. If you’re decomposing in a dead Guild, you’ll know about it this weekend, and that’s probably the moment to stop feeling sorry for yourself and to find somewhere where people actually talk in Green chat and it’s not just a succession of logins and outs. I hear Raiding is what all the cool kids do these days. It might be worth considering.

SEVEN : Prepare for NEW PVP


As PvP had been comprehensively destroyed by Activision Blizzard, so will it rise watermelon-like from the shattered pulp of its former existence on Tuesday. It should take you a while to work out if the system still remains royally fucked, so why not spend the weekend moaning about how it is everybody else’s fault but yours that this side of the game has become a shadow of its previous awesome. Or you could stop being a twat and enjoy what you have for four more days. Entirely up to you.

EIGHT : Go outside.


Some of you have already been prepping madly all week/month/year [delete where applicable], so this one’s for you. Maybe you could take a break and go do summat else. You know, like /points something away from the PC, especially as you’ll be up all night for the majority of the upcoming week frantically levelling to 110. All Azeroth and no reality is actually not that healthy, despite what those little voices in your head might whisper otherwise.

NINE : Clean your Computer.


You do NOT want this happening to your rig come Tuesday night: it isn’t just about cleaning your graphics card fan or making sure the graphic drivers are current. Delete some old programmes, free up some hard disk space. Make sure your addons are up to date. Check to make sure your game loads and isn’t corrupted. Mostly being organised means doing the work beforehand, not when everything launches. An hour this weekend could save you an awful lot of stress and hardship on Tuesday night.


Whatever you end up doing this weekend, I hope you enjoy it. Those of us with mental problems will be making sure that there’s a decent game/life balance, we don’t take anything too seriously, and there’s time made for friends and enjoyment away from Azeroth.

Enjoy this last weekend of Draenor, people. Go on, you can manage four more days.

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