Yeah, you over there. A quick word before you start playing today.

I just wanted to remind you of something.

Warcraft isn’t a single player game.

As a result, any action you undertake to simply benefit yourself will ultimately have a negative impact on the rest of the Gaming environment. You might think ‘well, it is just me, what harm can it do?’ but when those actions are repeated by others? Those actions mount up. Then there ARE consequences.

Most importantly, you’re doing the people who worked hard to produce this game a disservice. More significant than that however; by exploiting the loopholes you’ve so cleverly uncovered? There’s a better than average chance the next time this tech is used, they’ll shut them down. So effectively? You’re ruining the game for everybody else, however you try to spin it.

Yeah, I’m glad we had this talk.

Have a Nice day :D

2 thoughts on “Mama Used to Say

  1. In general, I’d agree .. however, I’ve been doing these invasions a lot recently. Every time I get in there, I get stuck in and kill stuff. Sometimes I die trying. But sometimes someone comes to the door; or the washing machine finishes and I need to sort it out; or one of the kids has an “emergency”; or the husband breaks the Sky box (again) .. or a multitude of other things. Sometimes I might be on a flight path whilst doing some of these things, and then get back to discover an invasion going on around me. In the vast majority of instances, I’ll be back within a minute or so.

    In theory, it would be better for me to actually log off at that point – I’d certainly get more XP that way as you can often start an invasion from the beginning again if you’re only part way through – but it’s not something I tend to plan for.

    I don’t believe there is a maximum number of people that can be in one of these invasions. They tend to start automatically when you fly in, and whoever comes in at the same time roughly, ends up on the same one. Blizzard have now changed it so that those who don’t contribute get a lot less. They don’t get experience from kills unless the mobs are tagged (unfortunately if you die, you loose that “tag” – I’ve lost plenty of XP because I’ve been killed and the boss dies before I get back to him – at least a couple of times on the boss that turns you into an enemy that others can kill – and then they do).

    So basically – although it’s annoying, I don’t believe those people not contributing are detrimental to the overall invasion event, the only people it’s negatively affecting is them, because they gain a lot less reward.


  2. Guilty as charged.

    Once I’d realized XP was raining down from the sky alongside the demons, I worked out a “method” to farm XP: kill (tag) as much as I can in stages 1-3; then logout and start the whole process over.

    I nodded with pride when my roster became filled with max-level characters. With that task done, I figured I may as well circle back and complete some invasions for the extra gear.

    Problem was, by this time the majority of players running invasions were doing so for leveling purposes; meaning the majority of players were resetting their own invasions after stage 2, though some did stay for stage 3.

    This presented a problem: with a minority of players actually looking to finish off stage 3 and kill the end boss, completing a full invasion became a daunting task. Once I realized most of my invasions would take a half our or more to complete, I pretty much abandoned the pursuit of the large caches.

    Kinda came back to bite me, that one.


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