Last night, I got the biggest Warcraft shock I’ve experienced since Wrath of the Lich King.


At L101, coming into Dalaran to hand in a Skinning quest, I saw a ‘!’ in the pat of Dalaran where Khadgar now resides. He sent me to Suramar: as I arrived a rare spawned that I helped a bunch of people defeat, and which rewarded me enough Artefact Power to finally open a trait on my weapon. But that wasn’t the surprise: that was the questline this began, the place I was sent to and the results of an hour of really hard, hugely enjoyable solo play. Having allowed myself to remain completely unspoilt for the Class Order Hall Epic questline?

It began with a bang, and is not likely to reduce in impact going forward.


I’m not going to provide any details to try and keep this as spoiler-free as possible, but needless to say that screenshot up there is from the Exodar. When my husband saw this last night his incredulity was nearly as high as mine, and the joke was shared. Nobody ever goes to the Exodar. Well, you will now, and I am hoping that, for each class, this journey is different (I haven’t checked online and no, just so I don’t spoil myself, I won’t either.) However, what was most satisfying in all of this was the cinematic that accompanied the recovery of that object that Khadgar references above. That blew my mind, completely and utterly. Not because of the quality, but mostly because this time around, there really are stories in Legion. Not Orcs versus Humans, but better. Ironically this one has a lot of resonance with Draenor, but that ends up as totally and utterly acceptable, and does not detract one iota from the job in hand. Also, using classic game locations is SO FULL OF WIN it just isn’t funny.

There was a lot of fighting too, and it was REALLY hard to solo. I’m sure other Hunters will disagree as to difficulty, but I only died once and ended up being insanely proud of that achievement. Plus, what the mechanics of the ‘encounter’ provided was also extremely satisfying.


I never noticed the ! until I was prepping the screenshots AFTER the Encounter, so I’m assuming there was a secondary quest there I could have picked up if I paid attention. The green blobs were only part of my objectives (unsurprisingly) so awareness/reference of both in game maps is an advantage, and I’ll make sure I’m 100% paying attention next time around (hooray for having multiple Hunters to level.) However it is the star on that map that I want to address: a ‘rare’ mob who dropped a very nice blue trinket which would have been really useful were I not packing double Warforged items from Kazzak. The key however was that he wasn’t just a tank and spank with the pets. I had to think. Of everything I encountered, of all the stuff that made me smile (NPC dialogs as my ‘followers’ joined and left my party was a lovely touch) it was that ‘rare’ that was the triumph because I was truly alone, and it made me work supremely hard. I died on the first pull, but learnt enough to survive and kill him on the second.

That still make me smile this morning: single player mode can work.


At the end, the payoff from this story is huge and frankly depressing, and the quest dialogs make it clear, if you missed it in passing, what a complete bunch of wankstains the Legion are. You’re left in charge of probably the most important artefact the Draenei have on Azeroth, with security I’d say is minimal at best. I’m really not happy about this as a result, especially as it appears to be just inside the front door of my Class Order Hall, and what happened when I left that artefact with the Druids in my Garrison is still very fresh in the memory. If these people really are dedicated to the protection of Azeroth one hopes there’ll be some guards there soon enough. I’m also invested in the storyline in two ways now: I’ve started helping the Highmountain Tauren, and have met the guy responsible for nicking the first Pillar of Creation, which by deduction I now know will be put under far more safe keeping in the centre of Dalaran. I’ll get on retrieving that later, but not before I’ve maxxed Fishing, because you know PRIORITIES.

When you get to 101, and you’ve recruited two followers to your Garrison Class Order Hall, make sure you go see Khadgar in Dalaran. Trust me, you won’t regret the diversion.

3 thoughts on “Swoon

  1. Long time reader/lurker, first time posting but I just had to say I did invasions only during the pre patch to get more toons to 100. I didn’t do the Dalaran/Artifact questline until yesterday after work. I went in headlong with my tiny gnome fire mage and had a wonderful time (other than the sadness and hot anger at Gul’dan)! I normally avoid group play if possible but the invasions prepared me for the intro quest raid (pretty much just zerging with the group) and then the artifact quest for the mage unexpectedly took me to Icecrown! I am looking forward to doing the quests on the rest of my alts (because I have a TON) and leveling up to see what else in in store. I’ll be sure to look out for that quest when I hit 101. :)


  2. I think the ! is Nobundo with a side quest. He shouts out for help at one point. I saw his call but made the mistake of thinking I could respond after turning in the first quest. I did find the rare houndmaster elite in the south of the map and I annoyingly hearthed out just before the appearance of an old/new friend and Velen’s final instructions. I am tempted to stop playing my main and switch to an alt so I can see the bits that I missed.


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