You might think with all this talk of Artefact weapons and fantastic quest content that I’d be all about getting stuck into the story lines of Legion with all the swiftness possible. However, last night I made sure I finished the one thing I came online to do, which was max my Fishing skill. It’s ridiculously easy now (if you know how) and a lot of the trauma of grinding has been pretty much removed if you don’t happen to be max level coming into the Broken Isles. I’m not going to spoil things for you here, but the basic mechanic when fishing has been subtly and very cleverly re-tooled. If you want to know more there is a floating island you need to locate that’s part of Dalaran which at present is only reachable via Goblin Glider (or if you’re a DH, just double jump.)

That’s all you get. Go work the rest out for yourselves.


Having discovered last night that going too close to the edge of a waterfall in this Expansion will not only pull you over but kill you in such a way that you can’t get your body back, I had ten minutes to kill in Val’sharah last night, and as a result I now have two rare fish from that zone too. In truth I ended up with far more than two, and that is the key to skilling up: each ‘rare’ when thrown back into the water grants a +5 to fishing skill. If you have the appropriate lure on (at least right now) that can mean a real payday in the skilling department: I’d say that at least half of my +100 came from chucking back these fish. Of course, if I was going to go full on with the Fishing artefact I’d already be travelling across zones and looking for my spots, but as it transpires there is a plan here. I want to try and finish Highmountain by Sunday on my limited playtime schedule so I can write a zone overview for MMO Games: the plan is to complete a zone a week in questing terms, and use that as basis for blogging. That means tonight I’ll be back to helping the tribes against the Drogba.


There’s been a lot of associated side-faffing, of course: I accepted the quest to unlock my other Artefacts but nope, no time for that right now. I’ve done missions and recruited Followers and honestly, the Garrison Class Hall mechanics are just utterly meh to me and really what I’d like is the ability to forge my Artefact on the Yak before I move back to Dalaran. The whole Class Hall thing has just not excited me since it was obvious that we didn’t get customisable player housing. The questline however is great, and I’m hoping moving forward we might find a way to give people like me a genuine place of our own, plus all the great plot/storyline stuff as well. For now, I will, once I hit 110, live in the floating city. I really do appreciate the work the Unseen Path are doing, but this time I’ve had enough. I’m not a leader, and never have been, and being Commander just proved that in spades. Someone else can wield Titanstrike. I’ve mogged my artefact back to a normal gun, have no desire to chase any of the rare skins, and that’s the end of that.


I’ve done a couple of Bonus Objectives and side quest chains, but am yet to get into the meat and bones of the Highmountain campaign, which I will do starting tonight. I’ve also hit 102, with only two upgrades to my name (one of which is a crafted helm) and need to stick Leatherworking now a bit higher up my To Do list. It might seem like forever since the Expansion launched but it is only three days, and I’ve managed not to look at any datamining sites or allow anyone else’s headlong rush to max level distract me. This is good work. I’m really happy at the pace I’m taking, and more importantly that other people’s idea of ‘taking time’ has no bearing or relevance any more on my own.

This is a very good place to be levelling in.

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