This post is bought to you this morning courtesy of my husband, who would like to make it known to the world that Macintoshes are gaming rigs too, and Blizzard effectively pretending a lot of Nvidia cards/drivers aren’t supported by Legion’s ‘upgrades’ and therefore are Apple’s problem to sort is a tad unfair. His gaming experience since Monday has been frustrating, graphically horrendous and frankly depressing. I have to say I feel for him and if the standard response from Blizzard is basically ‘well you were told the specs and it isn’t our problem’? That’s perhaps not entirely helpful. As I now can’t give him any more help than I have until new drivers get created that fit round the latest El Capitan security update? I think he’s fairly close to quitting.

It’s also apparent that all is not well in the land of multi phasing technology.


This scenario in Azshara should, by all accounts be epic and immersive, but last night it was anything but. Instead of you as a lone Huln Highmountain with Ech’ro by your side there were dozens of them, and with the encounter fundamentally bugged? It was only by going over to the portal where the bad guys spawned and flailing wildly for five minutes killing mobs that just weren’t fully spawning that I was able to progress myself. Most people just stood about and looked confused, which is unsurprising when the whole encounter is just fundamentally flawed. It is the first time I’ve seen broken on this scale in any expansion, let alone Legion, and it highlights the basic danger of letting everyone play in their own version of the game world (which this effectively is.) It’s also a salutary reminder that although launch may have been flawless, all is not well on the Broken Isles. Anyone trying to do the Stormheim entry quest on the Alliance side should be able to attest to this as well.


What struck me as I was questing last night was the sheer scale of the game world this time around, and that there is a phenomenal amount of stuff just scattered about on random NPC’s to pick up and play with. The guy who sold me these totems, for instance? He’s got a ton of gear, all of which is handily linked to reputation:


First off, let me say that 2k for a 36 slot bag makes this rep grind worth doing on an alt. Having all these cosmetic items is great and all, but if all that happens is that they end up filling my bag again with crap? I’m not sure I’m gonna be on board. However, I now have at least something to show for my time in the Zone, and because of this vendor I now know of the existence of the Rocfeather Skyhorn Kite. If this saves me cash in making Goblin Gliders for Pherian? I suspect that is on my To Do list when I finally log on.


I’m still not convinced of the merits of Class Order Hall missions either, as I don’t seem to have anybody to run more than one at a time, and the speed at which I am levelling does not appear to be making that any easier. No matter, I’m still piling up leather at an appreciable rate, and at least remembered to unlock rested XP on at least some of my alts last night. That will do for now, and I may yet get an hour this morning to faff on Pherian. When I left her she appears to have just survived a close encounter with Deathwing… but I thought I killed him back in Cataclysm…

Surely the in-game lag can’t be that bad?

6 thoughts on “I’m Broken

  1. The class order hall missions you can sometimes do a couple at a time – at the end of the Azsuna questlines I picked up two additional followers, and then I get to recruit “temporary” ones too. Most times I can only do one at a time, but occasionally I get lucky and can do two.

    I’m just doing those Stormheim quests now and basically I’ve just logged off completely frustrated. I’ve done most of that Deathwing quest, but right at the end I got completely lost, ended up dying in a long corridor full of kobold type things, took ages to get back to myself, took even LONGER to get to the end, with stuff respawning all the time, only to find I’d arrived at the wrong location. No way in hell I was going back in there – and the one downside of everything scaling to your level? – I can’t go back through in a few levels and one shot stuff just to finish the quest. I’m going to have to wait until I’ve regained the patience, or flying, whichever comes first, then try again.

    Notwithstanding that little blip – I have been enjoying it – there’s just so much to do. The main thing that’s bugging me are the bonus quests – they pop up briefly, then give me an indication on the minimap as to the area to complete them in, but I don’t get a progress bar. Not sure if that’s down to addons or a default problem.

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    • worked out the bonus quest thing .. I’m such an idiot! I stopped tracking some of my active quests and it appeared. Despite there being plenty of space on my screen to fit it, it refused to show until I’d removed some.


  2. Thank you, dear! I’m honoured :)
    And yes, your sensing of the frustration is spot on. Blizzard left rather an open goal by naming a whole kingdom The Broken Isles. “The Working as Intended Isles” would have headed off much cheap sarcasm at the pass.

    I don’t think the player drop-off curve would have steepened if they’d set the launch date for a month later, and used the time to get it right. In fact, you could argue that as autumn sets in in the northern hemisphere, then a late-September launch would have been more attractive as people switch to indoor entertainment. As long as the evenings are still light and warm I’d rather be outside at the moment, but the more I am, the more behind and disconnected I feel. Of course, that’s just my 2 cents and your mileage may vary, to mix metaphors.

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  3. My big problem at the moment is I do not want to have to tab out to WoWhead to look up a guide or quest.

    I actually saved a poor Alliance player last night who must have thought they were in a safe place to tab out, but was right next to a rare spawn. I think they realized when they were at 10% health.

    It was nice getting a salute from them as a thanks.

    I know. What’s this madness. Horde helping Alliance.


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