I could do a major feature on this in the morning, but (believe it or not) there are more important fish to fry. Needless to say once this news came out of PAX?

All other bets are off.

Some of us joked that Garrisons were a Facebook app in the making, back in the day [*] and to see this App not only ready, but launched a week after Legion? That’s why you buy a company that makes mobile apps. They just make mobile apps and you use a free one as a test bed for all your future movement in that sector. When I look at how many people are already decrying the nature of the mission setups in Legion? This looks like it was all worked out a fair bit ahead of time. Effectively you may never need to touch your Class Order Hall missions except when a Patch updates the basic rewards or mechanics. This removes that part of game play from ‘normal’ online time too and frees players up to actually do stuff online.

Missions are then reserved for work, travel times and trips to the bathroom.


What happens AFTER the App launches, and what this means going forward?

Frankly, your guess is as good as mine.

[*] Be careful what you wish for.

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