It’s taken a week, but I’ve come to the conclusion that Activision Blizzard have learnt some important lessons over the Garrison Followers ‘thing’ and how this system will operate going forward. Instead of massive amounts of gold or pointless frippery, it appears this time around the reason you’ll be wanting to do play this game (at least as you level) is for Artefact Power, and that alone makes the launch of the companion mobile phone app today a welcome addition, making the whole process easier rather than harder. I’m not at the stage as yet where World Quests make an impression, so until they do let’s focus on what’s been adapted from Warlords in this feature going forward.


The main thing I’ve gathered is I don’t need an addon to work out what the fuck is going on when I’m only working with a small number of ‘heroes’ to begin with. Threats are clearly laid out and easily counterable, and the fact you have to generate new groups of Archers and Trackers? You can tell when you need to do this again when your hearts all vanish. It is also completely possible, if your Hero counters all the major threats, to send just two people out to do a three person job, and still get the rewards. I didn’t struggle overly in recruiting my permanent team either, though I will admit Rexxar took a couple of goes, but that was more around my inability to grasp mechanics of his quest. As I assume you get different helpers dependant on class? This will make a nice change amongst the non-Hunters I’m prepping to level.


However probably the biggest lesson I’d say that has been learnt is the notion of reward. Previously, knowing the failure rate would allow you to lose boats, or more importantly waste time, it now seems fairly hard to fail anything. The only thing I’ve not achieved is that extra roll: I got my first ‘bonus’ this morning after doing this for nearly a week, but it doesn’t seem so bad when you’re seeing a continual stream of Artefact boosts and XP towards 110. In the end, this is now perfect to play on a mobile platform because, as this stands, it’s ridiculously simple to pick up. One logically assumes that with each Patch, new content will be added, and you’ll learn both Missions and Mobile game in tandem.


The only genuine misgiving I had about this whole endeavour was the positioning of the Recruiters. Now it is apparent that it won’t matter because you can just use your phone and I’m happy to accept that this whole thing’s worked out really perfectly. Now we just have to wait for the company to release it and see if the ‘rewards delivered straight to your account’ actually works. I assume we’ll see it once the US wakes up…

3 thoughts on “Mission Impossible

  1. is it possible, with things like the view distance and graphic updates in Legion, plus changes to class mechanics, zone scaling, loot scaling in dungeons, this app and mission/class hall developments, that WoW 2.0 is being snuck in under our noses?


  2. The app looks great, is very fast. Sending troops on their way and getting new ones is super easy. I’ve had every bonus roll over 35% be successful on the app (no so in game – have they skewed the RNG on the app to encourage its use?)

    The one disappointment is that when I earn a loot item to use on followers I have to be in game to do so – which seems to be against the point of the app.

    But looking forward to managing missions from work.


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