You know I said I was going to Val’sharah? Well, I’m here as your daily reminder that the best made plans often go astray, that planning isn’t everything and wandering off the path is perfectly acceptable. I’m still not 110 either, but I did hit 107 thanks to the new and improved Violet Hold. I’ll admit that I wasn’t terribly impressed until we got wiped by Syndragosa Redux, and the last boss’ ‘Weeping Angel’ ability with the spiders? Utter genius, ActiBlizz. But I digress, because I’m here today to talk Leatherworking and Skinning, which has received a fairly brutal nerf to collection rates. When I say fairly, I really mean complete and utter destruction of what were pretty decent amounts per mob. Going back to Highmountain last night to learn about Leatherworking from the hide ‘stories’ above, mobs that were granting 3-8 skins per kill now award a flat 2.

I suppose it was fun whilst it lasted.


On reflection, a profession ‘guides’ might have been useful to consult before I began, but frankly that would have sucked all of the fun out of the entire endeavour. I’ll grant you, knowing the optimum means by which to max your skill quickly has a benefit if you’re planning to use the ability to help raid with, but after that the rest is fairly moot. I’ve had an immensely enjoyable time flitting from objective to target, skinning anything with a pulse on the way. I’m now into the realms of Level Two recipes, fortunate really as the leather rates have been cut. I’m still only 720 but knowing I can recycle everything at the end for Obliterum? Not really fussed at all how things go from now on. I do need to make some inroads into Val’Sharah however if only because I’m supposed to be writing about it for the paid gig next week. Otherwise I would probably just fuck about killing everything, and use that treasures and pet battling to make it to 110. I am probably going to go back to Highmountain again anyway to complete the Exploration achievement anyway, because I can.


This distraction has meant that the Mobile App is getting some robust usage, and when I logged in last night I’d accrued enough artefact power to tip me into a new Trait. There’s also an interesting bug in play that made the Hunter Lodge a lot busier than I recall:


However the most interesting change in game I’ve noticed is that little Facebook Streaming camera that now exists in the corner of my Battle.net Launcher and tomorrow once I get back from dropping off the youngest, I’m going to start experimenting.

So, if you want to watch someone fail to get to 110? I’m your girl…

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