I don’t think there has ever been a point in almost 12 years that I pulled an alt out to level whilst my main wasn’t maxxed. Well, last night that all changed. The Marks Hunter did the Artefact quest, and of the three ‘unique’ strands it is by far the simplest. There’s no huge revelation at the end either, just your bow conveniently on display to nab. Of the three versions of Hunting I’ve now experienced (via testing and live) I’d say Beast Mastery gets the most flavour and fantasy by a long way. In fact, even with this as my preferred spec I’d argue that Marks and Survival got a raw deal, all told. No matter, that puts another character from my To Do list on the table. I also logged the Mage last night to DE all the BoE greens I’ve collected thus far. I think, as it stands, she will be the next one out to level.


I’ll make no bones about this, I’m on this Hunter for gathering, as we return to the state of play pre-Warlords where if you wanted to level via professions, you needed the raw materials. As many of my alts don’t rock the ‘single profession plus gathering’ standard I’m aware that there’ll need to be some stockpiling to, so instead of selling my stuff (as has partially been the case with Pher) Kumiho’s bank will be filling with crafting materials as time goes on. Also, as levelling and crafting are now fairly inextricably linked (still need to finish Pher’s last Leatherworking tasks this morning) I’ll see this as a full time, part time level ‘exercise’ which may end up with me doing zones alone, just to get the time on the ground to locate nodes.


Even just at 100, and chucking myself off Dalaran to cover Azsuna and Stormheim, a lot got done in a few hours. I don’t envy anyone who’s pushed to 110 in the last 10 days and now has the prospect of grinding gear, it’s been hard enough just pottering to (almost) max level without worrying about the same. Boredom is never going to be a concern either. Right now, it isn’t about time, anything but.

In fact, I shouldn’t be here writing about playing.

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