I’d like to take this opportunity to apologise to Activision Blizzard, by previously casting aspersions on the validity of sticking PvP in the Sewers under Dalaran. It’s great fun, all told, and I now have a nice starter pile of Sightless Eyes in my currency tab, on the way to obtaining the mount at 20k. However, I’m here this morning to report a bug. It’s already been submitted via my in-game UI, and a copy of this blog post will be cc-d to the @WarcraftDevs Twitter account.

You see, for about 30 minutes on Saturday night, I had the entire Sewer System to myself.


My problem is, like it or not, I keep getting distracted by stuff whilst grinding for other things. That means that in the downtime between killing NPC’s in the sewers and fishing for coins, I spied a Blind Rat in the sewers I need for the Broken Isles Safari. So, off I went to tame it, but when I’d won and returned to the Sewers? It was considerably quieter than when I left. In fact, as I began to grasp, I was the only one left in the area.


Well, that’s not true: there were some NPC’s, and this Cursed Mage (and no, I’m not soloing her at 109.) My thought on this was that somehow, the tech that produces multiple copies of the same area to keep lag and load down had somehow malfunctioned, and here I was trapped in my own subspace bubble version of the Sewers. Then, as the game told me the Guards had gone off duty? Lots of chests spawned. Which I could loot. Unopposed. That’s when I realised how wrong this was and felt guilty, so ended up letting a cursed spider kill me so I could reset my personal ‘instance’ and go back to ‘reality.’ Yes, I still feel guilty now.

I also think this could have the potential to be exploited, and I have not gone back to try a re-tame, to see if it is possible. I reported the bug immediately afterwards, and am putting this in public with the Devs being highlighted to ensure that if this repeatable, the loophole is closed, because however great a feeling it might be to get a ton of coins for no effort, this is not in the spirit of the game. This is roughly akin, I think, to that time before Cataclysm when you could skin certain low level mobs in Menethil that awarded far more sophisticated than expected mats. Back then it was all just quietly removed from people’s banks, and I think that if anyone else has been making the most of this oversight, that’s what should happen too. In fact, I’m more than happy for Blizzard to take away my Sightless Eyes and I’ll start again. That’s how serious I think this potential bug could be.

With this post now public? It’s their move.

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