I’ve not said much about my journey post-110 as yet, so it’s probably the moment to admit I’m ignoring every I see right now either in my Class Order Hall or Dalaran. I know where the game wants me to go and I’m not having any of it at present. The plan remains resolute: fish shit, pet battle more shit, and kill crap in every zone until I’m happy I’ve covered everywhere. Once that’s done you can stick your Epic Endgame Shizzle where the sun doesn’t shine. In Good News, I’d expect to be done in Val’sharah tonight, all things being equal. After that I think it’ll be Stormheim BECAUSE MOUNTAINS and to be honest the retconned lore in the Druid heartland’s now really pissed me off. I get why its here, and what’s been done, but having established how much I hate revisionist history, I’m so done. Of course, for everyone else who doesn’t know all of this lore it’s great, and I’m not about to start pissing on anybody else’s fireworks. You go right ahead and enjoy your experience, I’ll be over here skinning shit and not getting in your way.


However, I realised last night the real reason Val’sharah grates on me. It’s too close to home. A world where stuff is broken, madness and terror reign… nope. I don’t play games to remind myself of shortcomings, I’m here to escape and the Nightmare isn’t that. Also, there’s just too much red. I’m going to opt for green, open spaces every time. I’ll even take Stormheim’s almost persistent rain (or so it seems) against having to wander around with red tendrils of DOOM everywhere. Mostly, it’s a Big Bag of NOPE and I’ll be very glad to see the back of it.


What has been apparent in my travels, and I’m trying to capture wherever possible, is the level of detail in landscape both inside and out. Caves used to be largely devoid of detail but this expansion there’s a myriad of new water effects. Black Rook Hold may be as annoying as fuck for mob respawns and quest progression but it looks absolutely drop dead gorgeous and before I leave I will be taking copious screenshots of everything, and as I go back to capture Vanity pets they’ll also be some time documenting the Nightmare. I can’t fault Activision Blizzard’s art team at all this time around. The work everywhere is nigh on superb.


I’ve made Facebook galleries for all the screenshots I take and once complete, I’ll link them all here. When I log this evening, I think I’ll finish all my quests and spend Thursday in Photographer Mode.

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