This morning, with the minimum amount of fuss, I will begin using Facebook for something of actual value. I’ve never really cared much for the platform (currently only following one person, that’s my husband, and that’s not likely to change any time soon.) Call this my anti-establishment attempt at streaming, because I’m not here to look good or actually care about me being part of the action. I’m here just to play Warcraft, and talk about the game in my own way.

To the two people who’ve promised to turn up and watch this morning? Cheers, I hope I can be suitably ‘entertaining.’ I’ve cut my initial ‘broadcast’ to an hour, but there will be stealth testing of stuff throughout the morning (as it’s tipping down outside and I’ve been forced to stay in this morning anyway and not do my scheduled walk.) I hope to provide some interesting content of some form or another, we will see how it goes.

Needless to say, I’ll be interested in your feedback.

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