Look, I really do appreciate the understanding that content matters, Activision Blizzard Devs. I get you’re ahead of the game and we’re gonna get tonnes of continuous, entertaining content going forward from your amazeballs launch. But I’m here getting flashbacks to Pandaria when the paint wasn’t even dry on the Expansion signage and you were wheeling out the next patch. That didn’t end well, now did it? Okay, for some of you perhaps, but that was the Expansion I fell behind and never caught up. Yup, am still behind, even now.

Explain to me again why we need to be excited for 7.1 when 7.0’s hardly even started?


Oh yeah, that’s why. KARAZHAN. It’s the Las Vegas of Warcraft: everybody wants to experience the place once, it costs a fortune to get there and once you arrive, after three days you just want to leave and never come back. It’s loud and tacky and full of scale models of other monuments that you know should be visited but there’s just no time. It has Brittney Spears in the Ballroom.  Yes, that’s great and everything but not now, please, let me please enjoy the stuff you gave us at launch. I know you’re setting content speeds on World First raiders here but honestly, truthfully, CAN YOU JUST NOT. If I didn’t know better I’d say this was a move giving the data miners some much needed revenue because they ran out of useful things that count as news to report on weeks ago.

No, I’m not that cynical. Well, almost.


But seriously, as I discussed earlier in the week, none of it matters if you stop stressing, and just let things happen at your pace. The fact it is all front and centre now did happen in Pandaria and then we had the trauma of the Siege and everyone thought the lesson had just been forgotten. This time around, I have to say, there is more optimism. Despite my assertions, I did go and look at the patch notes on the PTR and they are rough enough to be reassuring yet content-rich enough to assuage the vast majority of my fears. This time around we’re not just getting content updates for social media. It’s also not just about the raiders either, there’s a lot of stuff with what I hope are ‘casual friendly’ labels affixed.

I should therefore state for the record that if you want to know all about 7.1, I’m not the place to come. Once upon a time I might have used this to fill space and make blog posts, but I have more than enough content without at this stage and as a result I’m not about to double up on other people’s observations. I’ll review the stuff when it is live and not before, and you won’t find me on the PTR when all the free time I have needs to be used for live game faffing. If you are one of those people on Social medial who loves to share the latest gossip? I’ll warn you now, there’s a good chance I will be muting you in the weeks that follow. I have no desire to curtail your enthusiasm, far from it. This is an entirely selfish desire not to get spoilt any more for future events than I already have.

This time, the Expansion goes at my pace and nobody else’s.

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