My Adventure Journal is telling me I should be in Suramar. It’s lying. I don’t need to be there, game, stop pushing me away from content you provided as distraction. I have to keep questing until I am done in Stormheim, and then there will be time enough after Azsuna for me to go and make an effort to be interested about gearing to raid. Which of course I don’t, but I’m gonna stop going on about that now because last night I did the Obliterum questine and realised that this Expansion doesn’t care about social anxiety or the people who aren’t comfortable with PvP. If you thought Children’s Week was a step too far, going down in the Sewers and picking up stuff whilst flagged for continual megadeath may be enough to turn you away from this game for good. [*] That’s your choice and last night I discovered that if I want to be a recipe competionist, all of my alts are going down there, like it or not. In the end it was fun, especially when I ganked the Troll Druid who’d squished me half a dozen times when they were hiding and healing in a corner.

Yeah, pal, that’s how it feels.


There is a great deal to love about Stormheim, especially when leather’s selling for 3.5k a stack, scales for 5k. The Jersey Goblins storyline, for instance, was beautiful in its contrivance and having had a Goblin heckle me in Dalaran to give a followup? I’m already liking the way new questlines are being seeded. Areas that awarded bonus XP when I levelled are now flat rate at 110, which makes sense, and also gives an idea that if you want to power level through a  zone they’re definitely worth doing. I discovered a ton of side quests: vampire pirates, crazed Moonkin, and the Viking Trials are giving me flashbacks to many TBC questlines of times past. The Pirates also reminded me of a Wrath starting area, and so there’s a lot of different eras being plundered here for reference. This is also the first time I’ve grasped that the Horde get a different trip through the Zone than I do, with green ‘Rare’ spawns for them when I have red ‘Rare’ Forsaken targets. That makes doing this with Eisuse pretty much a must-complete.


Again I’m not really looking too closely at the details at present, just getting the work done and occasionally nabbing a Battle Pet I don’t own. That’s why I went back to Dalaran, as it happens, to see if the Dust Bunny ‘carpet’ was up, and as it was that can now be added to the list:


After that, I decided to ‘do’ Obliterum just to see how complicated it would be, and this morning’s AH sales pretty much paid for the cash dropped to pull the appropriate items from the Auction House. Even with CRZ in Stormwind, this morning’s screenshot from the Trade District is glorious:


However, there was one more distraction late last night, and that was the realisation that I’d need 25 solves in two weeks to start keeping up the pace with Archaeology. As I’ve not maxxed this yet, it seems as good a time as any to start putting in some hours here too, and before I came here to write I went out to Azsuna, learnt all the flight points and stuck four solves on the board.


Not even 20g for all that effort? Honestly, it’s a good thing I’m doing this for history and not a living, because these Reliquary types aren’t exactly flash with the cash. NO MATTER, it will be done with my normal Dwarven attention to detail, and if I can skin shit whilst doing so? EVEN BETTERER. This is also the point where I state, for the record, I was playing to half past midnight this morning and having the TIME OF MY LIFE whilst doing so. I really do love this Expansion so very much, and I’ve not even stepped foot in all the dungeons yet.

I’ll get there eventually. Just let me finish questing first.

[*] Apparently there are bodyguards you can take with you to prevent being flagged for PvP. What’s the point in that? ^^

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