Before I continue my journey of Questing Everywhere but Suramar tonight, there are some things to do first. One will include buying the Treasure map for Highmountain I can now afford at Honored, and collecting all the resources/artefact upgrades/random crap that allows me to access, before moving to Stormheim to do the same. I’m a little concerned however that I haven’t finished everything in Val’sharah, as the reputation there’s still stuck in Friendly. This may need some additional investigation during daylight hours today.


I’m also curious as to why I am being listed as hated with the Jandvik, and that there could be stuff afoot in a later patch to amend that. Looking at the Illidari’s rep bar: I wonder, do they have a tabard? Can I buy mounts from them? I’d not considered this as a potential thing to do either but now, as I am all about the Exalterd reps? On the List it goes.


Next up? Fishing Tasks. I need a list of all the items I am yet to catch for the Artefact, and where I need to go to obtain them. After that, there’re the quiet times between PvP in the Underbelly where I can fish up Sightless Eyes, and then the Unique item that allows you to go to the Island just outside Dalaran, to obtain and ‘spend’ Drowned Mana.


Margoss has an 8500 Rep bar for Stranger to Pal, and now I’m there that’s another 170 Drowned Mana I’ll need to drag that total to the next threshold. It’s an incredibly easy grind compared with Nat Pagle (who I still need to finish for his pet) and the Mana buys the lures I need to make the Artefact completion largely academic. Instead of boring myself stupid doing it all at once, I’m knocking off the task in bite sized chunks as and when I can. When all that is done we’ll think about some more fountain coins.


Oh, and I’d better go help Khadgar out in Val’sharah, I suppose.

Anybody would think I was a hero or summat.

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