I’m not really ‘here’ today, and hope to be ‘back’ tomorrow, so until then? Here’s something to consider.

This November, you’ll be going to Blizzcon X. That’s the 10th holding of this event, for those of you not au fait with roman numerals. In the graphic on the Blizzard launcher (can’t call it Battle.net any more, that’s all gonna change soon too) there’s even two ‘teams’ for you to root for, the good old Red v Blue. If you didn’t know already, changing the name of your event to mirror that of the most American of sportsball events, the Superbowl, is sending me at least the most interesting of messages.

I think this year the casual gaming really will take second place to competition.


However hard I try, after last year when pretty much half the event time was taken up by people ‘killing’ or defeating each other for cash, there is no escaping the feeling this time around the PvP is what matters most. You would expect this, considering the amount of time and effort that’s being put into change on that front. The Battle.net rebranding, announced as it is now, is probably going to mean we see a complete reboot of the client to the same sort of level of interactivity that Curse have stuck in their new ‘product’: you’ll get a Discord-style voice client along with all your favourite games. There’s already credible evidence Diablo 2’s about to get a hi-def reboot in November. It makes sense there’ll be a ton of soft toys and merchandise too, but honestly with no major Expansion to concern themselves with, all that boring stuff about gaming will get swallowed up by the pew-pewing.

I can find myself wondering what the point was in purchasing the Virtual Ticket.


I don’t have any intention in ranting and raving over how unfair the move away from actual content involving development is, so don’t worry, this will not become a ‘negative’ post. I know why people travel to the event, and the social side of the Convention will continue to flourish long after the desire to play or watch the games has passed. Except for some of us who will only ever experience this circus from a  distance, we never cared about the eSports then, and in fairness we don’t now. Having grasped I prefer my sports outside and accompanied by a rise in heart rate, in an attempt to be physically more active, the truth is simple. However much you try and dress this up, computer gaming is a sedentary pastime that keeps you indoors. As a result, there ain’t no way you’re ever gonna sell it to me until we evolve out of the need for physical bodies.

I really think this will be my last year buying a Virtual Ticket.

5 thoughts on “Ten

  1. For the first time in a long time, I didn’t buy a virtual ticket last year and I don’t plan to again this year. I’ve just found that all the emphasis on eSports isn’t something that interests me all that much and there are better sources for the small amount of information that is disseminated on actual game development.

    Plus, no Metzen, so blech.


  2. This year marks my fifth Blizzcon, meaning I’ve been at half of them. First one I attended was in 2011, and the shift towards PvP has been evident, though I think much of that has been ushered in due to HoTS, Hearthstone, and now Overwatch.

    I’ll admit it doesn’t really appeal to me much, but there is a certain level of excitement/engagement present for me when I’m in a room with thousands of other gamers watching a live competition. For me, it’s like baseball: I RARELY watch a game on television. However, if I have the chance to go to a game? Hell yes, and I’ll have a blast!


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