I’m having a moment over Archaeology.

I know most of you don’t care, that there’s probably a dozen of us tops with any real interest in this Profession, but my problem (such as it is) that when everybody else in the making and doing family got a fresh start, Archaeologists were just given more work. 25 solves in 14 days isn’t mind-numbing (far from it) and your ‘guaranteed’ reward at the end is great (even if mine doesn’t work) but it’s not a Toy to put in your collection, we’re still at the bag space filling stage. That irks a bit, I’ll grant you. It just seems a real oversight when everybody else got such lavish and rich backgrounds to their crafts, that the one that relies on understanding the past doesn’t benefit from the same depth.

There’s an even bigger irony at play when you realise your weapon has a history that knocks all these archaeological solves into a cocked hat.


So, having finally scraped together enough resources to work on improving my Artefact Power generation rate thingy (still need to do more on that BUT ASZUNA FIRST) I discover this book in my Class Order Hall grounds which clearly I get written by my hard work and currency generation in the field. That won’t note that I decided not to grind but get distracted by dig sites, or keep stopping my questing to fish. It only gets filled via GREAT DEEDS. I get the point. Honestly, I’ll be in Suramar next week but for now you can stop taunting me.

I still think Archaeology could do with some work. The only bright spark on the horizon, of course, is that I can use the Artefacts I’m generating to solve the remaining achievements in Pandaria. I still have to go back to Draenor to dig all that shit, unless the Archaeology Trainer in Dalaran’s intentionally unable to gift me any help. I suppose, if I thought about it, I could use my Artefacts to fuel Follower Missions in the Garrison to make more fragments too. I think I’d like a bit more clear air between Warlords and now before I start making long term plans to clear out my Achievements backlog.

On reflection, maybe legacy content can wait a bit longer. However, I have some ideas on how we can make this better than it is. For that, you can come and see me tomorrow.

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