On Saturday, having gotten rather annoyed having to work with the Demon Hunters in Azsuna, I decided it was time for a change of pace. So, I decided to go to Pandaria, and see how easy/hard it would be to start adding new places to my Mount Farming circuit. I am aware a number of you already are competent enough to have been doing this during Warlords, but I struggled with a number of the boss fights and never really bothered. Heroic Vaults is now academic to Elegon, which allows me a chance at his mount each week, and the Terrace of Endless Spring finally gave me the gun skin I’ve wanted since, well 2012. Now I have it? There’s probably no need to go there again, except I realise I didn’t do that on Heroic and there’s probably Cheevos to consider there too, so I might do some actual homework before I nip back there next time.


Ironically, the Vaults bugged on the last boss and so that I will need to pop back and complete regardless. This also means that the Heart of Fear should be academic, and I will go check that one day this week when it’s quiet so i don’t end up spamming a ton of achievements into Guild. However, I’m most interested in the Throne of Thunder for the mount chance in there, so that will be next on the list. The Achievement points are also great, but really, it is all academic next to getting to 300 mounts.


It might seem a bit strange at this point in proceedings to be going back and doing Legacy now, but this is all part of my larger plan to finish the things that matter, above being up to date or even ahead of current content. The plan has always been to take things slowly and in stages, and it was satisfying on Saturday to add some new Transmog skins to my collection. I realise this is just as, if not more important than the desire to finish everything current right now. There’s also another revelation, that when it comes down to it fighting the Legion is not what I’m here for. Aszuna, which I left last night after making Friendly with the Court of the Stupid Prince Bloke who Stuffed Up, turns out to be the most annoying zone of all on the Broken Isles. I got myself to Friendly with the Withered Suramar people too so that I could open World Quests, because I want to do Missions on my phone and without them, there’s no realistic way of gathering the Order Hall Resources. I think Khadgar did the quest text for this on his phone mind: it was late, though, so I can forgive him.


I have a rough idea of how this all works, now all I need to do is get started.

2 thoughts on “Nothing Really Matters

  1. I’ve not worked out how to do World Quests on my phone and earn class order hall resources – I only seem to have ways of spending them. I do WQ in game at night and follower missions during the day via the app (though my rate of earning resources is now outstripped by my rate of spending them and I really need to save up for some of the more costly class hall stuff).

    Or am I getting this app all wrong? The WQ bit just looks like a nice map at the moment.

    And mount farming should never stop – I’d lost track of it once I hit 250, but did some more when I got bored with the Legion pre-patch event and I got the Throne of Four Winds mount finally – just when you think the game hates you and are about to turn you back on some of it, it lures you back in.


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