I will be attempting LFR in Legion, thus allowing me to access the ongoing storylines that accompany the Instances. However, that’s as far as it goes, and as I believe I’ll need iLevel 820 to do this? My gear needs some work. That means that this morning, for an hour, I poked World Quests to see what I could obtain. One Emissary ‘Set’ got me an 820 chest upgrade, and 2 Highmountain ‘encounters’ secured a new ring and trinket. I also picked up enough resources to ensure I can do a day’s worth of Missions by phone, and not worry about anything else except getting up to date with things that don’t involve gaming. It is very easy to see how seductively addictive this new system can become for the ‘casual’ player, and that the potential moving forward is fairly infinite. It is, in effect the ultimate means of recycling quest content, whilst at the same time giving the committed player a plentiful selection supply of ‘repeatable’ content for long term, useful rewards.


It’s also showing me that, despite what many people may believe, Beast Mastery is in an amazingly good place right now in terms of survivability. I’m not saying I’m totally indestructible in the field but it’s pretty damn close: having replaced Barrage with a Murder of Crows, there’s not much that stays alive long with my two bear team, and the DoT element of my spell-set allows for some rather lovely mass grouping of mobs in the areas where that’s possible. I’d worried initially how I’d cope with everything at 110 but doing 125k in an average fight without any form of optimisation, no food and a tanking pet? I’ll take that. What this has done is give me confidence to go out and be more aggressive too and with the multi-tag mentality in the World Quest objective areas, I can have a percentage kill objective finished in about five minutes. That means this morning I’m better geared, have a decent pile of Resources and feel like I made genuine progress in the space of an hour.


I’m also managing to keep on top of current events too, which means I now own The Sausage Hat. After that, I suspect there may well be a bit more Pandarian Faffing this week (really want to see how Heart of Fear goes down so I can move onto the Throne of Thunder) and after that there needs to be a formal reorganisation of my mount requirements. I still need to visit Tempest Keep, on a weekly basis. Once all that is sorted to my satisfaction, I think it might be time to get the next Hunter well on the way to 110. I hope to stream the Horde Hunter on Friday, possibly for longer than just an hour, which will depend on a few things along the way.


Nomi’s making decent progress on his Cookery skill. Those of you expecting less burnt food might want to consider that focusing on one ingredient at a time. This approach seems to be far less frustrating than just chucking whatever spare food groups are available into the queue and hoping I luck out. It could just be luck, I suppose, but I’ve decided to attack the process one recipe at a time: that’s my Rank 3 Mackerel Strips in the mail, plus whatever the Rank 2 Fatty Bearsteak recipe is. Once I get Rank 3 sorted? Time to move on. I have no idea if this makes the slightest bit of difference, but it is generating a notion of progress.

Once I set up the missions on the Mobile App, I’m set for the day…


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