At the 11th hour, it is apparent that ActiBlizz decided not to push through the ‘changes’ to Demon Hunters and Shadow Priests that were causing so much wailing and gnashing of teeth earlier in the month. Now there’s mutterings in my Twitter timeline of something to do with gating and quest content in LFR and I’ll be honest, I’ve instantly switched off. There seems to be an awful lot of assumptions going on of late: we all know assume makes an ass out of you and me but this does not stop people doing just that. In fact, heaven forbid you might just want to play your own way, minding your own business whilst doing so. Everybody’s got an angle and an opinion thanks to Social Media and You Tube. Honestly, sometimes I wonder if I’m playing the same game as everybody else.


Therefore, for the purposes of clarity, I will state my position (yet again) and that is very much not rushing anything whilst trying my damnedest not to get caught up in any drama. That also meant for an hour this morning I threw myself off cliffs and discovered that rare mobs can be empowered to become Super Bastard Hard Rares: it’s another one of the World Quest ‘tricks’ to allow all content in a zone to be recycled for both levelling and end game players. In the end the 1500 rep this task gave me for the Wardens means I’m not even Friendly with them yet, but its a start. Also, the Artefact Power is now beginning to rack up. I keep finding tokens in my bags and surprising myself at how many I have.


I still haven’t finished Azsuna yet (don’t start) and with the Archaeology quest now in Highmountain? It might be a day or so before I make it back. I severely doubt I’ll make it to LFR this week, but it really doesn’t matter with the level of gear on offer elsewhere. Each day I’ll pick an upgrade area and farm, giving me enough Resources to play the mobile app whilst I’m doing the School Run and being Mum’s Taxi. In time, I should gather enough to start knocking off the other stuff that uses them for development.


I am very comfortable with my gear right now. The iLevel is improving every day. I am surviving well in the field, and still making slow progress on Professions. I don’t have any complaints at all. Oh, and I don’t care if I get a Legendary or not, and if I do, you won’t hear about it here. I just don’t see the fuss behind them, I suppose because I have no real need for them. If I was raiding, that might be different, but in my strictly casual corner? Really not fussed. I’d far rather have more mounts.

I must work out how that is sorted today.

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