When you’ve done something for long enough, if you have been paying attention it becomes quite simple to provide your own explanations when issues occur. It is roughly akin to knowing that your old stick-shift car always had a problem going from third to fourth, or that the vending machine in your break room needs a thump in a certain spot when it won’t hand over that recently-paid for Mars Bar. In the game’s case, it is knowing this guy above would not spawn because his coded sequence wouldn’t initiate, and that was because I’d not de-phased the spot in Suramar where the quest took place. Having fixed that in the week, I went along this morning and BOOM there it was, all done, and now I can go back to the Hunter’s Lodge and carry on. On that front, I also finally located the Suramar Leatherworker, and am on the way to sorting out End Game Crafting. Ironically, I probably won’t need any gear myself as yet, but it will be very useful to send to alts as time goes on.


It is interesting listening to other people this Expansion: apparently there are ways to min/max your Artefact depending on what traits you pick first. I just thought you filled in all the gaps and that was it. Then I’m hearing other people making fun of the fact that Professions take so much more work this time around: did you people not complain there wasn’t enough to do in Warlords, or is my memory at fault here? In fact, it is a very good thing I don’t listen or give a flying fuck about what anybody else says or does or else I’d be lamenting how terrible it was that a bunch of Russian players used datamining and co-ordinated hard work to beat the US into a hole over the World First race. Here I am not even realising artefact specs are a thing. I don’t care if you think it should take a week or a month to clear cutting edge content: honestly, just pixels here. I would simply like to be able to play for a couple of hours, every couple of days, and gain some notion of progress. Everything else? Simply a bonus.

Then I see we’re giving free in-game titles away for watching Twitch, and I may have gotten a bit angry last night. This is the next logical step from sticking a battle pet in a Blizzard game I don’t play. I assume that it is also supposed to make me want to link my Battle.net account to a streaming platform I respect only slightly less than Donald Trump? I really don’t care who owns it, and until I have control of whom I step into a chat room with, if at all?


I’m now down in the depths of the ‘Demographic we don’t care about’ in terms of gaming ‘promotions’ and that’s totally fine, because ‘Patron of War’ is so totally a title I’d never choose to wear in 10,000 years to begin with. However, for those of you who feel these things still count as a badge of honour? Knock yourselves out. However, those of you reading me who think that it’s now cool to start knocking ActiBlizz because you can’t play properly and somehow this is their fault? That’s just not on. I’d wondered what all the fuss was about costumes in Suramar, that people were getting upset that it’s hard work avoiding guards? These have been standard stealth detection mechanics since forever. That’s why certain guards have a great big circle above their heads, people. It’s not hard, but please feel free to lament that it is.


I’m tired, and I’m crankly at the World, but the game knows how to sooth this. Last night it gave me a real and tangible notion of progression, and now I can start shifting forward a part of the game I’ve overlooked because I was obsessing over iLevel. If I’m honest, I am beginning to loath the understanding that this is what matters to get me into any place where interesting stuff happens and keep me alive, that I have to think about a three digit number often before considering enjoyment. I wish I could find a way to negate this, because if that were possible an awful lot of wailing and thrashing about could be blissfully avoided. However, that’s our game now, and like it or not I have to play.

Time to shut up and get on with it.

One thought on “We’ll Meet Again

  1. I’ve been doing much of the same, and I’m completely with you on the Patron of War title. I’ve never understood the whole concept of watching someone else play a game. I have a hard enough time making time to actually play it myself. And frankly, there are episodes of Parks & Rec that I don’t think I’ve seen…so, priorities!

    After watching you write about the leatherworking quest line, I’m sad to report that the tailoring equivalent seemed a bit anti-climactic. Still much better than just visiting a garrison hut every day, but didn’t really generate much in the way of feels. And then as it turns out, most of the end game stuff is really just gated behind exalted rep just like the good old days of yore. So back to those world quests and emissary quests!


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