Today’s Gold Making Guide is bought to you by World Quests, Mother’s Skinning Knife, and the word ‘patience.’


Skinning has always been lucrative in the opening weeks of an Expansion. With a month gone, a lot of people are finally getting around to using Professions for the first time, and on a wet, dull Saturday morning that means there’ll be more than the normal number of people in front of computers, getting their heads around mechanics. The key to the system is understanding that at lower levels, items take more raw materials to solve. That means, in the early days of your crafting experience, you could require increased reagents to get the same result. That’s also true for Skinning, so maxxing that skill is now proving to be more than lucrative, especially as the Devs nerfed drop rates two or so weeks in.

When I saw the World Quest in Azsuna this morning to kill bears? I will admit there was squeeing. When all other people are interested in is Quest items? That’s the time for a Skinner to shine.


It gets even more entertaining and productive now with the introduction of Mother’s Skinning Knife, which may be the most amazing thing I’ve ever worked for in game. What this effectively allows you to do is fight mobs and skin at the same time. It also allows you to clear a very large area without having to move, which does result in some underhand people skinning your own kills from under your nose. However, if you’re prepared to be patient, and not steal what is obviously other people’s stuff? The rewards are considerable. I netted over 1000 leather this morning in a 90 minute ‘session’, plus nearly 100 Stormscale, which I’m more interested in as a Mail wearer to begin with. It had sold within five minutes of listing on my return to Stormwind: yeah, I probably put it up FAR too cheaply, but I really don’t care. I’m not here to be greedy, just efficient, and with the additions now to the Professions ‘craft’ I can do just that.


This ability is an absolute boon: you can find it in the Dalaran Sewers in exchange for Sightless Eyes, and you don’t even have to PvP to get them, go fish in the right places and the skill can be yours. What this means for me is a great range of other basic crafting materials that are a bonus sale or keep, depending on your preference. After that, I cannot recommend enough getting Honored with the Broken Isles factions and picking up a shoulder enchant to make sure that every X kills also presents you with another bonus package of stuff. In my case? I use Boon of the Butcher for meat and extra leather. You might also want to have your knife somewhere prominent in your UI to make sure that you can access it whenever required.


The key to making money in this game, ultimately, is willingness. If all you have time for is to do your four Emissary Quests and move on? That’s not going to make you money. I decided to exploit a potential situation to my advantage, and the results will mean there should be about 20k Gold waiting for me in my Inbox. All gold making ‘guides’ assume you’re prepared to take the time to make them successful, after all. This is no different. For me, the joy is in effectively cleaning up after other people, which may seem a bit odd, but that’s always been how Skinning works best. Others simply fixate on the items, I’m concerned with the remains, and it has been like this for over a decade. It used to be great fun following the Gold farmers around the Burning Steppes, skinning their dragons and making cash from their efforts. I don’t steal anyone else’s skins, I’m just recycling and helping keep up the spawn rate.


If you want to make money in Legion, it’s easy. You just have to want to. This weekend is a case in point: there’s gold to be had. You just need to make the effort.

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