With the minimum of fuss on Saturday night, after an invite from a healer Guildie, I went into LFR and completed three bosses. I was bottom DPS, by some way. Nobody complained, and nobody cared about anything than getting the job done. Boss mechanics were explained before we began, ready checks were given and people were freely swapping loot after kills. It was, on reflection, probably the least traumatic group experience I’ve encountered in the queue for several years. The reason of course was that most people there were just gearing for Guild runs, preparing themselves for attempts at Top 10 kills on their Servers. When LFR becomes just a means to an end and not the only formal instanced content you’ll ever run? A lot changes, and it makes me think that maybe I should do more effort to prepare myself and get these runs in early, rather than leaving it until later. I like being carried by pros, because that’s what it was. Thank you, people who only wanted what they came for and didn’t turn up to complain. I for one salute you.


Then for the rest of the evening I went and played in Heroic Throne of Thunder. Both bosses who drop a mount are now nicely academic to solo, which means I can add this to the Weekly Fail Run [TM] I’ll take a peek into the Heart of Fear in the week and see what other Cheevos can be cheesed, then it might be an idea to look at the Warlords 5 mans and work out if they’re soloable for Dungeon Hero. One might argue I should be focusing on getting Legion stuff done, but as I have absolutely no need to worry about Pathfinder any time soon? There’s the opportunity to faff there too, which is why I’ll grab that last ‘encounter’ when I log on tonight to complete Adventurer of Val’Sharah. It helped a great deal having my Emissary quest in the zone yesterday. Making sure I maximise my time in each area is becoming something of an art form.


Not being stressed into anything is making playtime increasingly more satisfying. Having enough Resources on my phone to ‘play’ for a few days is glorious, especially as I can accrue both Follower updates and Artefact power without the need to even step into the game. However I’m just about to need a 10k hit of Resources for my next Hall Upgrade, which means I will need to schedule some work to that end in the week. I see (thanks to my phone) there’s also a recipe upgrade available in Highmountain so once my PT is done? I might have a splurge, once chores are complete. I suspect a couple of days clearing my map should accrue what I need, plus leave enough spare to be able to still do everything else on top.

If I’m short of cash? I can just stop and skin somewhere public.  It’s lovely to have so many choices and not feel threatened or dictated to by any of them. In that regard alone, Legion continues to be my favourite Expansion ever.

2 thoughts on “Vienna

  1. I think it is third time lucky. Everything (except zone scaling) that is making Legion great was there in Pandaria. Lots of rares spawning frequently, gated story development for each faction and the main plot, a personal zone that was side by side with a very public area. And while WoD took this and pushed the technical capabilities, it failed to utilise them in a way that players would accept let alone enjoy.

    It will be interesting to see if LFR remains a positive experience for long after each wing is unlocked, and aside form the artefact power scaling that they’ve told us is built in for people joining late, if people picking up the game again having heard Legion is great will be able to get into it, or if they are going to be left behind.

    We raided normal for the first time in 2-3 years with a full guild group and no dramas. Its taken a year of rebuilding a guild to get there and find enough of the right people (found lots of the wrong people along the way). I think everyone had a good time – so progress on all fronts.


  2. OK. As much as it pains me to admit this, I’m not following the Vienna reference. Maybe it’s a Monday. Maybe just not enough coffee at this point, but it’s totally over my head. ;-)

    I think LFR, as always, will often be a roll of the dice, unless you get in with an organized guild LFR group (mine does guild LFR on Friday night’s, but that often doesn’t work for me because of stuff with the Joarlings). Sometimes you’ll see amazing, well organized groups, and other times, not so much. My group last week wasn’t great, but we got through everything without issue.

    Agree on how well the expansion is going so far though.


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