Collecting 250 mounts, it must be said, seems a long way away. I can remember the push to that heady total back in the dark days of No Actual Content, exhilaration when the number was reached, followed by rapid realisation I was already looking to 300 with a new Expansion on the horizon. The problem for me in Warlords was being able to overpower the relevant Instanced content: I struggled solo in Pandaria, and gave up in disillusionment. However, the Expansion of Large Numbers provides me with a new truth: I am beyond overpowered in old Instanced Content. Unless mechanics dictate an actual structure to approach? Just steamroller enough and you’ll beat it.

It is time to go back to concerted Mount Farming in Legacy.


This isn’t, it must be stated for the record, because the current content has stopped being fun, far from it. There’s a lot of mount rewards tied up in Meta Content, which requires a concerted effort to attack and address: however, that’s not my desire. I’m looking at the weekly instance resets and World Quests in Pandaria that can be knocked off in an evening or in a spare hour or two. That means a list, but for those people who have already asked, I reckon they could also be done in one sitting, should the urge strike me:

My route would be as follows:

Stormwind > Northern Stranglethorn

Raptor :: ZG
Booty Bay > Uldum

Drake of the South Wind :: Throne of 4 Winds
Uldum > Caverns of Time

Experiment 12-B :: Dragon Soul
Caverns of Time > Hyjal

Alyrazor/Firehawk :: Firelands
Hyjal > Stormwind

Stormwind > Northrend
Invincible :: ICC
Blue Proto Drake :: Utgarde Pinnacle
Mimiron’s Head :: Ulduar

Howling Fjord > Stormwind
Stormwind > Pandaria

Astral Cloud Serpent :: Elegon (MSV)
Spawn of Horridon :: Horridon (ToT)
+ Ji-Kun’s Mount

Coastline for remaining Zandalari Mount I don’t own.

Pandaria >Timeless Isle
Huolon Mount

Timeless Isle > Stormwind
Stormwind > Outland

Ashes of Al’ar :: Tempest Keep


If you’d like to make your own route? You need this website, but be warned it does not include Pandaria. For now, however, this is a decent start. Staring with reset tomorrow? The Circuit of Disappointment returns with a vengeance.

I’ll let you know how I get on.

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