I’ve had a variant of the same conversation both with myself and others over the years of playing Warcraft, and it goes a little something like this:

– Heya. How’s you?
– I’m really pissed off.
– Why, what happened?
– Well, I went into LFR last night with my main. I even remembered to get my Bonus Roll coins… AND GUESS WHAT?
– Nothing dropped except gold, AMIRITE?
– Don’t you fucking hate that when it happens?
– M8, happens to me ALL THE TIME…

The RNG gets blamed for a lot in this game. The fact remains that, like it or not, it is the absolute best way to regulate a portion of your gear distribution when in organised content. Activision Blizzard understand that’s not the best way to prepare you for raiding however: that’s why there’s a Class Order Hall set for you to purchase/upgrade, or why World Quests have some lovely tasty rewards to tempt you. Stating a guaranteed drop is important, and pretty much required to keep people’s interest. However, it should NEVER be a guarantee for every item. Using this as a stick to beat the game with is also one of the worst things you will ever do for Azeroth and yourself.

You can stop that RIGHT NOW.


I know how frustrating and depressing the RNG can be. Having farmed mounts for a VERY long time, knowing your Boss will not drop what you want becomes something of a constant. However, I still go and do it, week after week. This is where I explain why, and remind you that the RNG isn’t the problem in this equation. I am. The expectation is, undoubtedly, that this session will be different. When you go to a Dungeon or plan a run or five because there’s something you need to drop? Well of course you’re going to be disappointed when it doesn’t. If that Legendary drops on the alt and not your Main? It’s not an argument to make these things BoA, it’s just how the game works and maybe, just maybe, you accept that and move on. In the end, if it ain’t broke, it doesn’t need fixing, because what the RNG does for those of us not expecting ANYTHING is create a notion of real surprise. Let me provide an example from last night:


I was just World Questing last night to pile some numbers towards the ‘Do 20 and get Resources’ reward. Both of the items I picked up got upgraded to Epic quality and this Relic put a whopping 15 item levels on Titanstrike. When you’re not doing this for a reason, the surprise is a beautiful thing. That was nothing compared to the amazement when I finished four Nightborne Emissary quests and opened my reward chest:


The night I cared not one jot about mount farming? I GOT THE TOP LEGION MOUNT QUESTLINE. It’s almost as if it was fated? NOPE. That’s just random numbers, people. It’s why using the same numbers for the Lottery isn’t ‘good luck’ or indeed is wearing those socks for six months without washing them for every football game or tossing salt over your shoulder is significant to anybody but you. The Universe does not care about your pathetic attempts to control it. Chaos rules everything, and trying to assuage your small and pitiful influence within that maelstrom?


Your three bonus rolls that only gave gold were NOT a waste. If you’d not had the coins, you’d have not gotten that gold. You would have won NOTHING. The problem is your perception, not the game’s loot delivery system. Even the Devs however realise that some people’s ‘luck’ is not as ‘good’ as others and so provide items for purchase as a fallback. You can spend that pointless gold you picked up in LFR to buy those, or invest in an AH item. However, using this ‘problem’ with the game as some kind of justifiable issue? Just don’t. This has always been the way, and if you could guarantee the item you really wanted to drop, would it matter nearly as much when it did? The issue has rarely been the method, and nearly always the reaction. In that regard, this is the same game since Vanilla. Even though the means by which you obtain loot has radically been simplified to assuage an increasingly impatient and needy player base, that’s the same basic principle for twelve years.

You REALLY do not need to fix the RNG. Just get on with the farming and enjoy yourself.


PS: Don’t start me on Legendaries.

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