You know what, Internet? Sometimes you’re just really, REALLY dumb. As proof we present Exhibit A, this Forum post, which I’d like to thank my mate Phil for pointing out to me. All the top Guilds and Streamers have Legendaries, and you don’t, and because this upsets you so much it was time to go moan about it to Activision Blizzard. The reasoning behind this has nothing at all to do with the fact that if you run stuff enough times, you will eventually ‘get lucky.’ It doesn’t matter at all, what the problem is here is that the good stuff’s being awarded to everybody except you. I’m just going to take the keys out of the bus here, and everyone can come join me on the hard shoulder, because it’s time for a lesson in perception.


There’s another side of the coin, which deserves explaining. That’s about the friend I have who plays when they can (between a full-on full time job and bringing up two kids) who, having seen me talking about that forum post yesterday popped up with a comment: ‘My character got a legendary bracer drop from a daily mission chest reward last night… clearly it was due to my popular YouTube channel.’ This quite obviously makes them one of the group ‘that… got legends by doing almost nothing or right after hitting 110’ and who benefited from the tiny and horrendously skewed generosity of the RNG system (see yesterday’s post.) However, it was the comment after this that made me spit tea and love them even more than I already do:

‘It’s actually mildly annoying because it breaks my 4-piece set bonus.’

Here’s the bigger problem in this equation: people. I watch you asking the RNG Gods on your Twitter feed if this is the day your Legendary will drop. I see the complaints when other people get more than one, or you’re lucky enough to snag Orange on something other than your main. In the last Expansion, everybody and their Grandma complained that Orange had lost all of its value, and so Blizzard listened, before re-inventing the concept. Now they have and they are truly random? Players decide they’re not. Others are convinced there’s conspiracy afoot. More significantly however, when you do get one and it’s not the one you wanted?


The other woman’s Legendary Drop is always more Orange… oranger? Orangy? However you decide to spin it, that’s the heart of this issue. Somebody else is always the problem, but not you. It’s a fundamental of human nature too: as soon as somebody else has a beef, in you’ll hop and whinge about the same thing. Apparently, this makes some people feel better because they are dealing with the problem ‘positively’ when for everyone else who has to listen to this on Social media? Whole bunch of no fun. I applaud those of you making jokes about it, and for the majority of people who are largely ambivalent? You know this point isn’t for you to begin with.

Activision Blizzard have reinvented the Legendary in EXACTLY the right way, because if they hadn’t I’d be hearing a whole different set of complaints. What would be lovely is if EVERYBODY could stop complaining to begin with, but as I’m a realist and know that there has to be something broken in an Expansion, it’s okay. I’m quite happy it’s the Orange this time. In fact, this state of affairs is perfect.

It’s only pixels, after all.

2 thoughts on “Perfect Ten

  1. Ha! ‘It’s actually mildly annoying because it breaks my 4-piece set bonus.’

    This person is my soul mate lol. I didn’t get an orange, just a piece with better stats and it KILLED me to break my lovely set.


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