I hit Revered with Highmountain last night, and my first thought this morning wasn’t ‘ooh I wonder what pets or toys I get.’ It was heading up past the Rep vendor to visit the Totem Tauren, because at Revered I get a large wooden trunk with wings. I’m waiting for Exalted so I can design a Transmog with that item at the centre. I am utterly obsessed with showing my respect for the tribes that taught me how to be a better Crafter. I’ll tell you why: choice. This is the first time I’ve been able to permanently add a portion of an Expansion to my outfit that has no real function whatsoever. It doesn’t fill an armour slot. I don’t care that I can’t transmog it. It is the cosmetic used to brilliant effect, and I’m hoping it will become more common in future Expansions.

It’s the closest thing to true character customisation this game has ever managed to achieve.


Of course, what it does is replace cloaks, but that isn’t a problem. With my transmog hat on, it is as important as the Shado Pan headpiece became in Pandaria, because it is an iconic symbol of the place we now find ourselves. Like shoulder pads in the 1980’s or safety pins in the 70’s, I can look at this Totem and know what matters most. It also makes me wonder whether this is a precursor to the possibility of ‘wearing’ a Virtual Quiver, that will increase in complexity as you level or increase rep levels with a new faction… or indeed any other cosmetic addition to an outfit. The problem comes of course, when you add an enchantment on top of the standard character ‘skin’ and everything goes a bit Pete Tong.


One is slightly disturbing, but two is pure comedy.
I’d love to know how she’s holding these up.


I’ll be honest, a lot of the ‘take the form of’ toys this Expansion are leaving me cold, mostly because you can’t do it permanently. My totem is here for the duration, inescapable in it’s large wooden brilliance, and lends itself to some comedy RP possibilities. I could use it as a raft if I fall into a river. It would be great for bashing people out of the way when getting to a quest giver. If my pet needs to relieve themselves in Dalaran? SO MANY USES, PEOPLE. How can you not like the Totem as your must have fashion accessory… well, if you’re a Druid, I assume it doesn’t show if you’re in a form, which is a shame, because it should. I’m wondering what else you could create as an accessory as well. Kites spring to mind, in a Pandaran stylee. Could we have people advertising stuff on themselves with sandwich boards, a la the Cataclysm Doomsayers?

What cosmetic items would you like to see introduced to your spec and class going forward?

4 thoughts on “Beautiful

  1. I’ve been thinking about making a Jael RIvermane-inspired kit for Kamalia. I hadn’t thought of including one of the totems in it, but now that you suggest the idea of building mogs around the Highmountain totems, the Rivermane totem would be the perfect finishing touch for that outfit! Thanks for the inspiration! :D

    When my Warrior gets to the Broken Isles, she’ll be beelining for Highmountain Exalted because what Tauren Warrior hasn’t daydreamed about being able to carry around huge totem logs like all those NPC Tauren do?

    I finally got to the point with my leatherworking where I could do the final quest chain in Highmountain, and as I was going around finding all the places, I remembered your post about it. I’ll freely admit that I used my Shaman Farsight ability to help me figure out where a couple of the tanning racks were — and where to find the bottom of the path to get to them was, too. I agree — that quest is utterly brilliant and awe-inspiring.


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