I have a request to everyone going to Blizzcon this year.

You would think, when you’re going to a place to do nothing but celebrate and have a good time for a couple of days/a week/weeks (delete where applicable) it would be really easy to have fun. Except, if you’re somebody like me? That’s not true. Large number of people make me nervous. I can get anxious and sometimes even scared. I like reassurance and comfort, and going to an event like this alone? Just 100% no fun. I know this after many years of doing just this and realising that I do my best work in small groups, on a one to one basis. Many people will be travelling to Blizzcon alone, and hoping to meet people, but it won’t work out. Some will end up falling out with mates. Others just might not be able to cope when they thought they could. This is where I ask people to help.

This year, please look out for those who might need your support.


On the flip side? Don’t be the clingy mate. Don’t hassle anyone of either sex when they ask you to stop or go away. Never, EVER take advantage of ANYBODY’s generosity. I’ve heard the horror stories over the years, how other people’s kindness is turned upon them or shamelessly exploited so that people can ‘fit in’ or feel ‘important.’ This is bad and wrong, and hardly gets spoken about. More importantly, it is not just men taking advantage of women. This goes both ways, and I thought this year it was worth making a point. Be decent to each other. Place respect and understanding above drinking and partying. Most importantly of all, remember that the World is watching.


Every year, I think about how it would be great to travel to Anaheim. Then I realise that actually, I’d be so stressed for the entire time it would just not be fun. I hope one day I can meet some of the people I know who will be there, away from such a high stress environment. I understand how important this is as a way to keep the communities inside Warcraft alive and functioning, and why people make the journey year after year. I wanted to remind you that there will be other people like me at the Con who need you to look after and take care of so they can have fun too. If you could do this for me, I would be extremely grateful, because this will mean that this really is the amazing Community I believe it is.

Thank you.

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