Suramar has become, at least for me, something of an irritation. It’s not the sweeping plotline that bothers, or indeed the amount of time I have to spend fighting stuff to get anywhere. It’s the Night Elves. Whether trying to redeem themselves, attempting to reclaim their heritage or telling me how much they’ve suffered, Elves are the new Orcs. I know nobody gives two stuffs about Dwarves or Gnomes or even Humans any more, because we’re simple and uncomplicated beings who didn’t destroy the planet with our obsessive desire for magic. Elves however? All over the possession and destruction and rebirth which is lovely and everything, but after a while you just want to slap them and get on with something worthwhile. Yes, I understand how many of you lovely Druids are really digging this whole redemption and rebirth thing, but you’re only orcs with a makeover there’s more to life than just Arcane magic. Hell, even Khadgar went Frost this Expac.


The amount of time I spend underground currently is telling: it isn’t just flavour, that I get. Plot has very much indicated it is below the surface that matters, that our Titan planet wants us under its skin and investigating below. On a purely practical point of order, if you have to supply a shed-tonne of content, there’s only so much surface area on a set of islands to explore: to give more depth you really do have to go down and exploit the Y axis for all you’re worth. So here I am at 6/7 Leyline doobreys, with Ancient Mana coming out of my ears. I have Withered Training to start this week, and from what I’ve gathered from social media, this is Jousting Redux. I’ll let you know how I get on.


However, this will be this week’s main task. BECAUSE MOUNT.

I’ve not touched my Class Order Hall quest for a bit, neither have I chased after the History of Illidan Stormrage and ideally both of those need to be poked at some point to move the whole story-line onwards. Let’s face it, there’s so much else that I need to do, would like to finish, should think about completing… nah, let’s not go there. I looked at the Vanity Pet World Quests yesterday, and then realised that the latest achievement ‘challenge’ is funny. Yup, it actually made me laugh out loud when I grasped what was being asked. All those battles, over and over again, with teams of the same type of pet?  I got fed up of beating trainers quite quickly when it became apparent what I’d need as currency in Draenor to buy pets, but I persevered. Once I have enough for the last Toy I need? Not doing any more. In fact, even after I tried my best to rekindle interest in this side of the game? I’m done.

I just want to collect pets, please stop making me fight with them. If I have to battle to ‘buy’ then so be it, but I have absolutely zero interest in doing ANYTHING else once I have, because it is time now I want to spend playing my character. On reflection, the Celestial Tournament was the final rivet in that cage, and now that the game has changed and I cannot just cheese everything to move forward? Not bothered at all. I applaud all for whom this remains both relevant and significant, that you have the time to be able to do all of this in your day, but I’d like to write my own stuff more than complete Achievements. No ‘sweet’ pet or shiny reward will change that. Allow me a way to buy any pets I want with gold, stop sticking them behind ridiculous gating mechanisms, I can then make a choice based on income and not time. In fact, if you just took their AP away for good and returned them to being cosmetic only? I’d be more than happy. I just don’t have the time any more, why I haven’t played Pokemon Go for weeks either.

Time’s the one reward you cannot offer as incentive, that I simply don’t own to ‘spend.’


Ironically, were it not for the Mobile app, I’d be lost, because that has allowed me to work towards the Mount quest without the need to log in, meaning the Real World can still be a priority but I get my time to ‘play’ as a bonus, mostly waiting to pick up children or in car parks. Once upon a time I’d have spent hours at this point in an Expansion grinding reps to Revered, now I’m only just getting to the point where I’m happy most things are at Honored. This is a far longer road that I travel this time around, but I cannot complain. If it mattered enough I’d be in the game doing it. It is my priorities that dictate what is important, and that’s why I have nothing but praise and delight for this Expansion. I don’t expect to be catered to when I’m not committing myself to what the game offers. That’s absolutely 100% fine. It’s doing a brilliant job, and will continue to do so without me sitting in front of a screen 24/7. It always has.


It would now, I believe, be de rigeur to go onto Twitter and moan about how ‘awful’ it is I can’t do what I want in the time I have available… except I don’t have time to do that either. I have five days of really important, real life commitments that can neither be shirked or ignored, and I have another 30 minutes before I have to be out of the house. I absolutely get I’m the problem here, so please don’t use me as an example of what’s wrong with Legion. Nothing is wrong with it, you just don’t like what you’ve been given, so either live with this or move on. I don’t have time to write one of those posts either this week, so if we could just all agree that this is great and we all have our own perception of truth? Fabulous.

Time to queue the missions on my phone before I leave the house.

4 thoughts on “Underground

  1. Battle Pets – Celestial Tournament was the moment that made pet battles cheesable. It was hell. I googled the pets I needed and the tactics. I did a grind to get the ones needed to level 25 fast. I found the process of taking a carry pet through the Pandaria tamers to level from 1 – 25 in just a handful of fights.

    Once the tournament was done – and I’d bought the few pets on offer as a reward – I had the arsenal needed to make WoD pet tamer battles, and the ones in Tannan laughable – even before nerfs.

    And the stones you could earn or buy from the garrison pet vendor made it even easier to amass a huge army of max level pets, at the max level quality. Like everything else pre-Legion if you made full use of the Garrison resource fountain, aspects of Legion itself are straight forward.

    The only think with the pet battle achievement is time and alts – if possible, it’s about having more than one alt do the same battle with different teams each day.

    The whole of Legion is a time vs opportunity balance. Unless there is a huge content drought before the next expansion I may never see half of it!

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  2. I don’t mind Suramar so much when there is something worthwhile to go there for. I don’t know about Crafted Leather, but for Tailors? We need to go there if we want to make Imbued anything. Which is why my tailoring has all but stopped in progression. Oh certainly I have done the odd, go to the flight point and make a piece of gear to get my level 3 recipes. But currently it is on the back burner because world quest drops are better. I am not sure where you are at in the whole Suramar story line. I am at a point where I need to pay a guy 1200 mana to get his help. And I look at what I have, then the quest, and just move on. Seeing as we had a bonus rep week, which I wonder at the timing of so early, I would not be surprised if there was not a bonus Mana week where you get an additional 50%.

    One lesson I learned from Draenor is that things would never be the same as far as an endless flow of free stuff. Sure initially I looked at all the Class Hall resources I had amassed, and bout that first piece of generic tier, and paid to level it up, even bought a second. Both were replaced with better world quest rewards, then I saw the cost to do the Class Hall upgrade, and realized that as you advanced, things would be more costly. And like you mentioned. If you really want it, you will do the work for it. But I know that if enough people stay away from activities, they will offer incentives to do it.

    I am up to date on the Illidan story line. My wife was not, I got her through the one scenario that she was stuck on, and immediately after that turn in, the next part was up. The story is being advanced on their time table, if you hold off doing it immediately? You will get them all at one time. There is a time table they are adhearing too. If we choose to not play to the pace they desire? They will put things in to catch us up, like it or not.


  3. The rewards for pet battling are like rewards for any other content.. they wanted to give people who LOVE pet battling a reason to do it. A reward for doing what you love isn’t a bad thing. Like I can understand wanting to collect but it’s similar to if you mount collect and a mount you want is gated by an achievement. They give rewards for you accomplishing something that not just anyone can do. Give you incentive to try your hardest at what you love. There’s nothing wrong with that in my eyes. It’s part of what makes wow challenging to me. If I wanted a pet badly enough that was gated by a battle I’d work towards it and finish it when I could because it isn’t going anywhere and there is no rush. There are different levels of difficulty and dedication for every aspect of this game and that’s to appeal to all types of players at least that’s how I feel.

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    • I guess a key point here would be, but what if it was only available for a set time and then removed from the game. A reward for those that put in all the hard work per battling.


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